My Aunt let me borrow her Babylone! Pics inside!

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  1. My Aunt's Babylone is over 10 years old, and man is it ever heavy. I haven't found the datecode yet, anyone know where it is? :nuts:

    Here are some pics of me modeling. What do you think? Sorry about the crappy webcam quality. And if I look awkward in the pics, its because I'm trying to hold the bag in place and press the mouse at the same time! :lol:
  2. looks good. sorry, I dont know where the datecode it located.
  3. Looks goods on you!
  4. Nice :smile:
  5. Nice, check inside pocket for date code
  6. thanks! :biggrin:
  7. I like your new avatar!
  8. Cute
  9. Thanks, everyone!
  10. Looks great on you. :yes: The date code should be here if it's the leather lining.
    If it's alcantra then it's on a leather tag inside the zippered pocket.
  11. I love the Babylone- it's such a gorgeous bag! How nice of your aunt to "loan" it to you :graucho:
  12. DAMN! You beat me to it... my internet's going slow for some reason!!! :sad:
  13. Lovely.
  14. :graucho: . Mine's playing up too....sometimes it takes forever:shrugs:
  15. I found that although the Babylone looks big, my Speedy 30 actually holds more! :nuts: