My aunt Carol's purse was STOLEN!!

  1. This is a sad story,but in the end, it all worked out :sweatdrop: ......

    My aunt Carol and my uncle David were in St. Maartens for their annivarsy (My aunt Carol is the one who lives in San Fran, buys LV in bulk, has only designer clothes, and has like more than 10 LVs).................My aunt is VERY friendly, and she loves to chat with everybody she meets........She was walking down a street, and then these men get off a motorcylce and snatch her purse OFF her!! She was very shaken up, but she was glad she wasnt hurt. The Hotel staff were very upset about this and wanted to help (Carol talks to EVERYONE, and makes friends incredibly quickly)....they (hotel staff) contacted the police and got HER PURSE BACK!! :yahoo:.................She was very happy, because the purse was probably worth more than what was in it! When I asked my dad what kind of purse was it, my dad said it was a big brown LV............that didnt really help, because most of her LVs are big and brown.........oh well..........thats what my uncle said...........he doesnt really know anything about purses.........

    just wanted to share this story with y'all!!
  2. Wow! I'm glad she's okay, and that her precious LV was returned!!! You should ask your aunt if you can photograph her collection someday and post it on here. I'd love to see her 40 LVs!!
  3. i used the wrong smiley where the thread titles are.................OOPS!!

  4. Hehehee..............i probably would have to do it...........she is computer illiterate (sorry auntie carol :p ) and so is her
  5. she also had her PTI wallet in there!!​
  6. Wow! That's scary, that people will just rip a bag right off your shoulder! I'm glad she wasn't hurt and it's great that she actually got the bag back!!
  7. Glad she got her bag back & that she wasn't hurt!
  8. I'm glad you aunt is ok and everything worked out fine .... it's such a shock to have something like that happening, especially on vacation
  9. Kittie- they have been going there for 10 years!!
  10. Oh no! So glad she wasn't hurt. My friend and her husband are there this weekend too. Dont have to worry about her LV, she is too cheap to carry them!:graucho:
  11. OMG! :wtf:

    I'm so glad Carol and "Louie" are now safe. :heart:
  12. glad she wasn't hurt & got her purse back! that's great news =)
  13. Yikes! I am so glad she is ok and sorry she was shaken up like that on vacation - wow amazing and good job with the St. Maarten police for retrieving it for her! That's the Dutch side of the Island I believe, I wonder if you can get LVs on the French side? Lol never thought of that just a side note. St. Maarten is beautiful :smile:

  14. I have never been to St. Maarten.........I have been to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, annd Grand parents went there once and they didnt bring be along :yucky: ..............
  15. wow how scary. I am glad she was not hurt, also awesome she was able to get her purse back.