My auction says no international shipping but

  1. apparently, everyone who wants my bag is in Asia - the high bidder right now is in Thailand and I've gotten inquiries from Hong Kong and Canada

    So do you ship internationally? What is the best way from the US to protect myself in terms of paypal addresses being confirmed and carriers that provide tracking and require a signature? Are you protected shipping internationally by Paypal?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Well...if you don't want them to bid you can check the box under buyer requirements where it says "Do not allow buyers to bid who are not in countries I ship to". Then make sure your shipping states US only.

    Finally, what I do is put in my auctions that I will consider shipping internationally but buyers need to contact me ahead of time. Then I can check out their feedback and where they are from. Often, I will request that international buyers use GoogleCheckout (better protection for me).

    However, the ONLY way Paypal will protect you is if you ship to a confirmed address (which is different from verified). The only places that can get confirmed addresses are USA, UK, and Canada.
    If you think the buyer seems trustworthy...make sure you ship it ExpressMail with all the tracking and insurance!

    However, I found that I usually end up selling to Americans in the end because the international buyers don't want to pay the expensive ExpressMail charges.
  3. Actually, I think my buyer from Thailand had a confirmed address.

    I honestly don't see the problem with shipping to Canada or UK.

    My transaction with the Thai buyer went very smooth, except I had to pay about $30 out of my own pocket to have the item shipped to her. CanadPost charges ridiculous rates to ship to Asia. So, although I'm sure USPS has better rates, definitely check out shipping rates first and see if it's worth it for both you and the buyer.
  4. How annoying!

    I had a winning bidder from Greece before when my auction clearly specified US buyers only. However, in all fairness, the winner was very gracious, paid as quickly as she could, and it was a smooth transaction.

    Make sure they are confirmed and verified if you are using paypal. I have also received international money orders before, which also works.
  5. I've shipped int'l once to the only person who was interested in my auction in the Netherlands. I charged him twice as much as regular domestic shipping and still had to pay a few dollars out of pocket. The transaction went smoothly and I'd do it again but it was shipped by my stepfather who at the time was going to the post office often. I myself always use the UPS pickup at my mom's office and I'm not sure if I can ship internationally through them so I limit my buyers to shipping within the US. I will, however, ship to a US address given to me by a foreign buyer provided they have good feedback- I've had no problems with this though I know I'm not covered by PayPal.
  6. For lower ticket items I will ship to countries outside of Canada, the UK and the US even though the addresses cannot be confirmed within PP. For high ticket items, I ship to those three countries only.
  7. The Google checkout idea is a great one. I didn't know that I could accept payments from international buyers through Google checkout for some reason. I think I had tried to find out at one point and found something that said you couldn't do it, but if you have used it with international buyers, it must work! Thanks!!! :tup:
  8. I've had a lot of requests from international buyers recently as well - I don't ship outside the US because I don't sell that often and don't have the time to mess with anything outside the US. One thing - be sure you know the rules on what you can ship to certain countries - there are apparently all sorts of rules on what can be imported into certain countries.