My auction on ebay ended 30 hours ago and..

  1. the buyer didn't contact me.. Do i wait some days ?
  2. did you send them an invoice? i usually contact in 3 days.
  3. You can always take the first step and send the buyer an invoice. Then it's wait a week, and if no contact, file a non-paying bidder report to eBay to get your fees back :biggrin:
  4. Yes I did, but she didn't answer me
  5. Do i have to wait 7 days to report an unpaid item ?
    I can relist the item before this report?

  6. ^^ you have to wait 7 days but you can relist anytime you want. if you get the fvf refunded and your item sells again they will also credit you back the insertion fee.
  7. I believe they have 3 days to contact you. I would give it a few days.
  8. Yes, give it a few days.......many buyers don't even automatically contact their seller but will send the required payment within the specified timeframe (eBay recommend 7 days, some sellers specify 3, 5, or even 10 days)
    I sometimes allow a little longer than 7 days, depending on the circumstances.;)

    P.S i suppose it also depends if your buyer is 'no longer registered' with eBay...or suchlike?
  9. She has 100% feedback and she has used eBay as buyer/seller 16 times..
  10. she'll probably pay then.
  11. Give it some time. I have had to wait for a week before the buyer sort of woke up and sent the money.
  12. If I do not receive immediate payment, I send an invoice within 8 hours, and a (pleasant) followup email after 2 days. That's the longest I've ever gone without a response from the buyer. If it's longer than that, I would get a little curt in my next email.
  13. Since this person does have 100% feedback, I am pretty sure everything will work out. She may not check her email everyday. The longest I had actually waited after I sent an invoice was 4 days, but the wait did not bug me because of her feedback (I knew she would pay eventually).
  14. By ebay's rules the buyer has a full 7 days to pay. That is why you have to wait that long to file the unpaid item dispute. I would give it that long at least...then file the UID and relist.
    In fact...I think it's a no-no to relist within the first 7 days because they have that long. You can sya in your auction you want payment in 3 days, but that is against ebay's rules.
    I just had one who had 100% feedback, I had to file the UID and she paid 2 days later saying she went out of town and totally forgot!
    I'm sure it's the same thing happening to you right now!

    Also...send the invoice...wait at least another 2 days and then resend invoice with a polite reminder. After 3 days then I would send 1 invoice per day, and on the final day (7th day) say you're filing the UID.
  15. I always try to remember that not everyone has access to the internet on a daily basis ;)
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