My auction has been stolen

  1. How can i report it?
    Please help me!!
  2. I would go on ebay, and request live help immediatly.
  3. Hi l_b - was it your B bag auction? I am watching it, sooo lovely!
  4. Sorry to sound dumb, but what does this mean:

    "My auction has been stolen." :shrugs:
  5. It was my B bag auction!
    Fortunately the "fake auction " has been removed.
  6. jadejett, usually this means some one else stole your pictures and/or auction text and used them in their own auction. for example, you'll see a beautiful authentic balenciaga sold for $900 and then one day later, pictures of the exact same bag but for $127.87 or some odd amount. the second auction is a stolen one.