My auction got stolen!

  1. What do you mean they stole your auction?
  2. they stole what?
  3. It looks like they stole your pics and description! They didn't even remove your username from the description! :censor:
  4. The one they stole:
    eBay: Balenciaga 06 White Day Hobo Bag (item 250043546785 end time Nov-03-06 05:38:29 PST)

    OMG!:cursing::cursing::cursing::mad::rant::censor: They are soiling my good tPF name!

    Mine is here and ended already:

    ARGH!! I
    didn't think anyone would ever steal my photos because it is in my Webshots and is listed under LizLikesHugs.

    I am so MAD! :cursing:
  5. OMG! They also stole more photos for their website. I recognize some of them too...
  6. Ugh, I'm sorry about that! I've seen one too many of those...
  7. Omg this is awful! I cant believe people would do this, it is terrible!!!

    This has to be illegal from eBays standpoint dont it? I would report them your auction and show them the proof in the other peoples auction to prove that it was yours. I would think they have to remove that sort of thing because it is definitely not right at all!
  8. I reported them...All I can do is wait and send a nast letter to the other seller. That's so wrong! Pictures are properties too!
  9. I agree, and very good for you! I hope you get the justice you deserve out of this. It is just plain wrong to do what they did.
  10. I know. I'm so sorry this happened. (I'm the one that saw this and notified you), cause I was sure I just saw this end. :confused1: I tried reporting it myself, but I can't see anything on that pg either and I know it won't do any good to report it on US Ebay cause they listed it on China's Ebay... :cursing:
  11. Good for you! Hopefully, this auction gets pulled...I hate scammers! Especially people who steal pics from honest sellers!
  12. I don't remember the HTML code for note right clicking (it's been a long time since my website days). I do remember there was a way to get around it though unless you had a better code. Plus they can always just do a screenshot now.

    I've learned my lessons, I need to watermark everything. It's going to take a long time though :sad:
  13. i can't see anything so i think the auction got pulled :smile: you have photoshop you can create just one image, where it's a clear background with your name in the middle, with maybe 50-25% opic or however you spell it, the see through thing. lol. i'm so bad with words =X

    anyways, use that, save it as a templete, and then whenever you take a new picture of your item, make sure that it's centered, the item, so when you merge the two it's over the item

    or just have a note that has your name on it and place it on the item before you take it, or a clear paper like the ones on projectors? and just a thick marker to write your name and just place that over if you're afraid of covering your item too much

    just don't use flash.