My Auction Got Cancelled!!

  1. I was selling a purse on eBay and it already ended earlier tonight. I was so excited because the ending bid was a good amount. Well I sent the invoice to the winning bidder. She emails me back saying that there was fradulet bidding on the auction and she reported it to eBay. I'm thinking that she just doesn't want to pay and has buyer's remorse. So I email saying that. Then she comes back to further explain herself that her acct. was hijacked and that is why she reported my auction. I apologized after that but she didn't explain that in the beginning email. I later receive an email from eBay stating that my auction was cancelled because of some fradulent bidding or something to that affect. I was so ticked off that this happened to me. I then contacted ebay live help and they weren't very helpful, but my fees were credited back to me. Is it better to do a BUY IT NOW or BEST OFFER anymore with auctions or what?? How can we protect ourselves in cases like this?
  2. You can't do much more than you did. It happens sometimes, even with buy it now. Someone did a buy it now on a prada bag i sold, then claimed their account was hijacked. Ebay cancelled the auction so i couldnt invoice them or leave feedback.
  3. Maybe a BIN with immediate payment? that way the buyer's ebay account AND paypal account have to be hijacked together, which will rule out buyer's remorse falsely veiled as hijacked accounts?

    .....just wondering, is it even possible to wrongly report to ebay that one's ebay account has been hijacked? does ebay carry out any investigation?
  4. I went ahead and relisted with a starting price or buy it now. With the buy it now option, the buyer has to do the immediate payment. And the reg. auction, paypal required. I don't know, we shall see. I'm just going to have to watch the bidders list.
  5. Sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately there's not much you can do.

    That's pretty lame that someone can just cry wolf with eBay and claim their account got hijacked.
  6. Hijacking is very common on ebay. If you ever posted on Want It Now you will understand, I too nearly became a victim of phishing, I no longer read email from ebay unless it's to do with my sales and purchases.
  7. omg... sorry it happen to you...:yes:, how do u spot spoof ebay email?:confused1:
  8. How can someone hijack an account? I would definitely ban her from bidding on your auction.
  9. It happened to me on one of my auctions. You definitely should do the immediate payment required with buy it now. But otherwise, what more can you do?!
  10. Just a quick question? Is it possible for her to require immediate payment if she is using the BIN/BEST OFFER option?
  11. ^Yes, you can use it, but it only applies to BIN. If you accept a best offer, they do not have to make immediate requirement.
  12. Thanks everyone for the comments : ) Ebay is getting crazy anymore! I remember awhile ago, someone used my acct. and was selling some 4 wheeler. I quickly contacted ebay and it got resolved thank goodness. I had to change my password and everything. Every now and then I receive spoof emails saying from ebay, but I can tell because it says "ebay member" instead of my ebay username. I just forward it to