My aubergine paddy is here!

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  1. Here is a photo of my aubergine paddy. Isn't she lovely sitting together with her sister, Vanilla?:heart:
    100_0780.JPG 100_0781.JPG
  2. Congrats!! Loves that color! I am a big fan of the silver hardware.
  3. Totally gorgeous- they both are :heart:
  4. Oh my God they are stunning! They are both excellent choices! So glad the aubergine arrived safely.
  5. have lovely sisters....
  6. So lovely! :heart: Congrats and enjoy the sisters :tup:
  7. Congrats. I love them both! Glad you finally got the colors you were looking for. Now seeing yours makes me want those.
  8. Congratulations for your new paddy, it does look gorgeous with your cute vanilla paddy!
  9. gorgeous!! i have the aubergine paddy clutch and love it:smile:
  10. Ooooooh - that aubergine is so pretty with that metallic sheen. Two fabulous paddies!! Congrats!
  11. oh! that metallic color is TDF! congrats!
  12. Ooh they're so pretty sitting there together, congrats! Aubergine is the most perfect colour for fall!:drool:
  13. Gorgeous! Where did you find it?
  14. eBay. Lucky so far, thanx to the Chloe detectives here, so I think I am going to stop while still ahead. :banned: till end of year:sad:.
  15. Wonderful color!!!