My attempt to skip my period BACKFIRED on me!

  1. Dang it!

    I am currently taking Yasminelle (a low dose pill with 0,2mg ethinylestradiol and 3mg dropirenon..I believe monophastic since they're all the same color????). I attempted to skip my period this month because my DH was going to be going away for work for about a week and I didn't want my days to get int he way of our lovemaking before he left. :graucho: Well...It pretty much backfired on me. :cursing: I'm not sure if this is my period or not.

    I started bleeding around the time that my period was supposed to come (Last Wednesday??) and it's still going...At first it started out brown, but now it's bright red. It's not a lot...I could probably leave a regular tampon in all day and it wouldn't get full. I'm also a bit crampy at times, which sucks too..

    I read through a few websites about this, so I don't think there's anyway i can make this STOP before Valentines Day :sad: ...I'm just wondering what this would be considered? My period, breakthrough bleeding, spotting?

    I guess I won't try that again!!!!

    ETA: Also, what do you think I should do? Should I stop taking my pills on Friday and have my free-week then and have a real period, or should I finish taking this pack of pills?
  2. I tried this for a vacation last year. It also backfired. I instead of having my reg flow for a few days, I ended up with extremely light flow - but still there - for much longer than normal!! Like twice as long. So most of vacation was not what I wanted. Lesson learned, I will not be trying that again.
  3. Exactly, that's what it is Kbell! It's a very light flow...I could honestly even go without wearing a panty liner, it's so light. This is just sooo ANNOYING!!

    I guess I learned my lesson: don't mess (too much!) with nature! lol
  4. I tried skipping bc i was going on vacation and it totally backfired. I think I just kept taking them like normal. By the next cycle it was regular again
  5. I had to change pills recently as I'd started getting migraines, so I switched to a [SIZE=-1]progestogen-only[/SIZE] one.

    During the first couple of weeks I had very light bleeding pretty much every day, but since then I've had no bleeding at all and it's now been nearly 4 months since I started taking it! There's always a possibility of a bit of bleeding now and again, but apparently a lot of women just escape altogether, I'm hoping I'm one ;)

    If you want to avoid periods it could be worth a try? So far it seems as good as depo, without all the hideous side effects.
  6. This happened to me once, and I bled until I had my next normal period.... it was awful. It seriously lasted 4 weeks. I would start your pill free week, have a normal period, and then start back (as long as you have been taking your pills for 21 days, of course).
  7. I've been taking my pills for over 30 days, so that's not a problem :smile: I think I will do that on Friday...not take my pill. :smile:

    Thanks for your responses everyone!! :heart:
  8. I've moved my period before and have no problems.

    But I've always looked ahead and moved it between 2-4months ahead of time.

    Honestly it may not work on such "short notice". It should work in theory, but I've never cut it so close.

    I would always move it when I was younger and we would go on a week long trip over the summer. I was an MAJOR swimmer and I to this day hate tampons, so I would always sit down with my mom and calculate when to skip my period, so everything would fall in place.

    I also had to do this for 4 years in high school when I went to marching band camp in the summer. I would ALWAYS make sure that I wasn't going to have a "visitor" during band camp. Marching around for 10 hours a day, in 90-100 degree heat is NOT the time to get your period. :nogood:

    So moving / skipping your period does work, but perhaps you cut it too close. I've always had luck doing so, therefore I can't offer any info on how long you're going to keep bleeding.

    I wish you better luck next time if you ever have to move your period. :tup: And I hope you feel better. :yes:
  9. AMEN!! I was also in the marching band and remember how awful it was having my period during practices and band camp. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!!! :push: I wasn't on BC at that time since so there was no skipping for me :p
  10. Hmmm, I have no suggestions.

    I take my pills for three months straight and only have a period once every three months. It has worked very well for me.
  11. I've always learned that skipping "off" weeks on BC can make people experience spotting and light flow, so whenever I want to skip, I try to plan ahead and have my period a week early. I think it depends on the type you're on, because one of my friends takes Yaz (or Yazmine, I can't remember), and often skips her period, and doesn't seem to have any spotting.
  12. WOW, you can control when you have your period? how?
  13. Since your pill is so low in hormones, it may be that there aren't enough hormones to stop the "flow". I did this with Alesse and had nonstop bleeding for a month. Super annoying. I switched pills after I finished the second pack and didn't try the back-to-back thing for a few years. Then I tried it again with a pill with a different dosage and it works now.