My attempt at adding a shoulder chain strap to my Westminster flap: Yeah, it worked!!

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  1. #1 Mar 17, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2014
    First of all, I woud like to give a BIG Thanks to Mika7777777 for sharing her experience in making her bag crossbody wearable with an additional chain strap. See her thread here:

    It was her thread that inspired me to try adding a shoulder chain strap to my W flap. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with skinny arms like Lindsey Lohan who can wear her W flap on her shoulder with its existing chains... maybe 10 years ago, 50 lbs less ago, but sadly not now. :sad:

    so, what's a girl to do? As much as I love my W flap, it would be a pain to hand-carry it all the time! There are moments where I need to be handsfree! Here comes a new shoulder chain to the rescue! I ordered a chain that i thought is most similar to one of the chains on the W flap from the store mika7777777 recommended. It arrived today! Isn't the packaging pretty? What do you think of the chain? The third photo shows the new chain at the bottom of the five existing chains of the W flap.

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  2. Love this! Can you show us what it looks like attached to the bag? And maybe a modeling pic too? I have this bag as well and I think I would use it more too if it had a shoulder strap that was a decent length.
  3. I attached the new chain to my W flap. Et voila! It works! Now, my W flap can be carried over the shoulder! So, what do i do with the five chains of the flap? Check out the four photos below. I think the five chains can be placed at different places and at different drop lengths to give the W flap a different look. What do u think?

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    OMG...spectacular! This is how Chanel SHOULD have designed this bag in the first place! You are brilliant. I'm so excited, can't wait to do the same for mine!!!
    If you don't mind my asking, what length did you order? Did you change the rings at the ends to different ones?
    ETA: I see now that you can order the chain with an O ring.
  5. Very cool! It's nice you can now wear your Westminster as a shoulder bag, much more convenient than always having to hand carry. I like how you have the chains on the 1st & 2nd pics.
  6. This bag is sooo gorgeous!!
  7. How do I attach the chain to my W flap? It's easy! Just take off the O ring from the chain, drop the chain through the opening. Open the O ring and attach the chain back to it and then attach the O ring of the chain to the small ring on the bag which the other five chains are attached to.

    The two pics show the inside of the flap.

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  8. This pic shows the aerial view outside the bag. Neat, aye?

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  9. Very nicely done Valentine! Looks amazing this way, so elegant. Good job(as usual)!
  10. And then, I thought.... I not only want a long length drop, but also a shorter length drop so that my arm can rest on the W flap.

    I saw that there are two small rings attached to the chain which the O ring loops through. I used two pairs of pliers and pryed open one of the small rings. Then, I measured the shorter length drop I wanted and attached the small ring that I took off with the pliers from the end of the chain, and looped it through the part of the chain where i wanted the length to end. I closed the small ring with the pliers and then looped the O ring through that small ring thus shortening the length of the chain to be attached to the W flap. Then I put the remaining length of the chain into the W flap. Now, I have a chain that allows for two shoulder drop lengths! I am a happy girl now! :smile:

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  11. Great job!!! Lovely DIY project!!! I guess we aren't limited in our choices!! I like your choice of chain!!
  12. Thanks! I am estatic that it works!

    I am only 5'1, and I ordered 40" with O-ring. The O-ring is one inch each in height. Thus the total length of the chain is about 38 inches. You can order any length you want. It comes in increments of 2 inches. You can order a longer chain if u want to do it crossbody. I thought about it but realised that I am not really the crossbody wearing type. If u are, it's possible. Since everyone is of different heights, you should order the length thar best suits you. You just have to remember that the two O-rings of one inch each is part of the total length that you are ordering. I determined that 38 inches is perfect for me by trying out the bag with my very long costume jewelry chains. So, i ordered 40 inches. You can use a string instead. I almost broke my long chain necklace. Lol. Luckily i was able to put it back. Phew!

    The chain is called Gold chain bag strap- Classy curb Diamond cut Chain-3/8" wide. One point to note though...the chain is gold so it looks more gold than the light gold hardware of the W flap.
  13. Wow, thank you for your generosity in sharing all this info. I am not much taller than you and I don't think that I would want to wear this one cross body either. But I'll do the test to see what length I should order. Once again, thank you so much for sharing!
  14. Thanks! Yes, it's so much more convenient now. I was just playing around with the placement of the five chains.yes, the shorter drops look better. :smile:

    Thanks! I love it! And now it's perfect with the shoulder chain straps! :smile:
  15. Thanks, Mayak! :smile: