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  1. Sooo me and the SO decided to go to AC for the weekend!! We had fun!! Especially me at the outlet!!!

    Here is me at dinner with my legacy striped hat and my patent ergo!

    there was a line at the coach store....


    everybody in line had a coach


    here is me scurrying to another store lol (back shot of ergo and hat)


    my new friend


    chocolate factory shots!!!


    big red bag and FH!!


    me again!!!

  2. Ooh looks like you had quite a fun trip! Your hat is so cute! I didn't even know they made hats like that!

    Did you get any goodies at the outlet? I wanna see pics!!!!
  3. and nowwww my purchases!!!

    the legacy stripe scarf for $50!!

    this mini sig scarf

    sig umbrella!!

    also found these beautiful orange gloves but i cant keep them they dont fit :sad:
  4. Oh Kat!:roflmfao:
  5. This hat is from last year it was at the outlets for 39.99 but i got mine on eBay for about 25.. the seller did not know what they had!!!
  6. Great pics! I :heart: that scarf!
  7. Oooh. Goodies! Love 'em!
  8. i wish i could have bought more but they mostly had outlet stuff and bleecker stuff 40%, not a lot of legacy at all and it was PACKEDDDD
  9. cute pics looks like u had a lot of fun,
    i really like your legacy stripe scarf!
    and the hat looks great on you, i could never pull it off.
  10. Love the pics and your fiance is hot! :drool: (I mean that in the most respectful way) :graucho: :p
  11. It looks like you had so much fun! I love that hat you are wearing!! I also love the scarf you bought! Nice haul! I would have never had the patients to syand in line!
  12. Yay Kat! It looks like you had a blast!:tup: You and DF look great! We have matching berets!
    Congratulations on your awesome finds!
  13. Great pictures, looks like you had lots fun! I love your umbrella!
  14. Awesome, Kat!!!!!! You really look like you were having lots of fun! You got some great stuff! And I love the pic of the one girl w/ the Khaki/bronze Carly...makes me so excited to get mine!!! Annddd..I spy your patent Ergo hobo....that bag is TDF. Thanks for the pics! Glad you had fun!
  15. Cute purchases!! And I love the pics!!! :smile: