My Artsy MM just arrived, but......

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    I ordered the Artsy MM through the LV website. I was very excited. When it came today, the bag is just not for me, at all. I find the handle and lack of width between the handle and bag unacceptable.:tdown: It is not comfortable! I loved the lack of vachetta in the bag part, but felt the handle totally took away my love for the bag. But, that is just me! For those who like/love the bag, I completely understand and don't want to offend. The Artsy just wasn't for me!
  2. Sorry to hear about your experience with the Artsy. It's a gorgeous bag but not for everyone. I hope that you can find a bag that you love! GL
  3. I didn't like Artsy when I first saw it IRL -- but I learned how to scrunch down the top of the bag to give it a more slouchy look and give more room to fit on the shoulder. Now I love it!!
  4. I am sorry. When I tried it on in the store. I thought the same thing. Not enough room under the arm
  5. What a bummer to hear! The artsy is what peaked my interest in LV again. Sorry you don't like it; having the right space under the shoulder is a must for me.
  6. Wow, there are so many people not happy with the Artsy. I do see what everyone is talking about with the handle. This bag to me just seems like it is not meant for the shoulders unless someones shoulders are the size of kid.
  7. That's such a bummer! I hate waiting for something and having it come and then realizing you really don't like it. I have read a lot of comments like your about the artsy, some people say no way, others are able to scrunch. I haven't been able to try it on IRL so I don't know yet if it would work for me, I sure hope it does because I'm in love with it from the pictures. I'm sorry it didn't work out, hopefully you'll be able to find another bag that you love!
  8. There was a wonderful post with great pictures to show how the bag can be scrunched down to give it more room under the arm, if that doesn't feel comfy either than I guess back she goes!!!!
    I am sure that will all the great LV bags, you can find one more to your liking if the artsy doesn't do it for you!
  9. I am sorry to hear that. It is a bummer being excited for something and then realizing it isn't for you. I am with you though--the bag is not for me.
  10. So sorry it didnt work for you. I thought the EXACT same thing when I tried on the MM size. Not sure if a larger bag would be an option for you but I loved the GM 1000times better.

    It had a little more room as far as the drop is concerned, and it scruched and hung better. Just a better looking bag. But its all personal opinion

    I hope you can find something else that suits you
  11. Look on the bright side: you get to shop for another bag :graucho:
  12. Oh, that is too bad. It is always disappointing to be so excited about a new purchase, and then it not work out. What is your second choice for a new bag? Lucky you, there are so many pretty ones to pick!
  13. That's too bad! It looks like a great bag, too!
  14. I am not a fan either...just got mine today. I am really petite, and thought it was a little wide on me, and the strap was tougher. Also, I put a bunch of stuff in it and tested it like some of the TPFers said to do, and thought the strap felt even more uncomfortable for me....not a fan, but a beautiful bag nonetheless.....
  15. Thanks for all the replies and understanding. I so wanted it to work out despite reading comments in the past week or so about the strap.

    I, too, felt it was a little wide on me, as well. It is a truly beautiful bag, but I guess you can either work with the strap or not. I have seen some beautiful modeling pics which further attracted me to the bag, but found out upon arrival we were not a match! I am going to hold out for something new, but am not sure what at this point.......
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