My Artsy Handle after 3 Years of use :0

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  1. This is what an Artsy handle can look like after 3 years of regular use :smile: my bag was never treated just cleaned with water:0
  2. I Think the handle is the most Beautiful part of the Bag :smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing! I've been considering saving up for a Monogram or Damier Azur and this definitely helps! :smile:
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  4. ABSOLUTLY :smile: I love my bags and I see them lasting years and years. I'm excited to see your bag when you get it. Thank you for watching my video please subscribe to my utube channel for more tips. I will be getting a go pro soon so I have clearer videos :smile:
  5. ya. Hello Ladies . I just bought the Go Pro so my future videos will be Amazing quality :smile: check my utube channel;)
  6. Great video and advice!!!!!
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  7. Thanks for the recent pics. It was motivation for me to clean my bags and then put them away properly.
  8. Definitely a bag worth the money. Love mine, had mine for 5 + years I believe
  9. Thank you :smile: glad u liked it :smile:
  10. That's awesome . Yes it is I love mine too .thank you for watching my video :smile: please subscribe to my channel :smile:
  11. Your welcome :smile: thank you for watching :smile:
  12. Here is a video cleaning my Artsy with my patina champ method . Thank you for watching . Please subscribe to my channel. My future videos will be on the GoPro so a lot better picture :smile: still learning how to use it ;)
  13. I rarely ever use my DA Artsy. You're making me want to pull her out and show her some love. :smile:
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  14. Yaaaa . I think you should Bring her out . I really love the Azur Artsy bags . I want to get the Speedy 35 in DA. Thank you so much for watching my video . Please subscribe to my Utube channel.
  15. :smile: you guys are Awesome :*