My art experiment with my legacy hippie!!!

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  1. Well I didn't get the weekend hamptons tote, i got a white hippie which is beautiful, but it gets other colors on it so easily! i had on a black wool coat today and the back of the bag became all grey and yucky! the remedy :yahoo:
    vinyl w/ acid free adhesive! i tested it on the strap and the bag was fine! comes off pretty easy and protects the bag!! and i picked a gold color that matches the brass in the bag (i work at a company that has a lot of vinyl)

    let me know what you think!!:jammin:

  2. wow those are some big pictures.... i tried to edit them but it woulnt let me
  3. oh now that is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am speechless at how awesome that looks!!!!
  4. thanks!!! :biggrin: its even prettier in person
  5. That is cool! I don't get it though, it looks painted on! You cut that out yourself out of vinyl and then used adhesive? Wow, so cool and artistic and original!!
  6. yea wait im confused explain the process :smile: starting with whats vinyl :smile: ? then what you covered the whole bag with adhesive?
  7. I work at a company that cuts out signs and decals and all sorts of cool things in different colors... well i was bored today and i said hey let me try to do something for my bag cuz it keeps getting dirty

    they have about 50 colors in this vinyl which is like a stretchy thin plastic film you can put on anything that is smooth and it will stick, but if u want to take it off, it peels off easy! so i cut it out with the machine (a machine with a blade cuts your design out once it is o n the computer) and voila!
  8. WOAH how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: its awsome

    so its just stuck on there like a sticker and then you can peel it off if you want?!?!
  9. yep that s exactly what it is... a custom sticker... only it s not very sticky... still it manages not to come off and it does the job!
  10. Love it! It looks great!
  11. thanks :biggrin:
  12. That is great! It's like a positive/negative photograph. And, metallic is so in! I also like your "scarf" nice colors, the texture compliments the leather!:supacool:
  13. katrynar, that is AWESOME! Great job! That gold looks so NICE!
  14. thanks :biggrin:
  15. Man That Is Soooo Sooo Cool!@!!!