My Argent Quilted Bowler Bay is in....

  1. I wasn't even going to open the box but who am I kidding? My DHL delivery guy was a gem (he must not have read the EVIL DHL DELIVERYMAN HANDBOOK) and caught me just rolled out of bed looking pretty slovenly. Who cares - right? Anyway - that's why I can't take any pictures now. I'm STILL not dressed having spent much of the day booking travel arrangements. But - here's the story: I actually like this bag a lot! Who woulda thunk it? It is not too big and it fits comfortably on the shoulder. The argent looks fairly charcoalish and there are already some scratchy lines showing but it just pops silver underneath - not dark stuff. I really like this bag - but there are few Chloes that I don't like once I see them in person. Mostly the size throws me off certain styles since I am so tall. SO what to do? I will keep the tag on. It has $2175.00 on it scratched out with $869 as the new price. I will hold on to it for a while until after the trip where I will have to see if a purple patent Bay becomes a reality. Nordstroms allows returns for a long time - tell me this is so!?
  2. OMG!!!! I've been waiting for you to post about this bag! I need
    Yes, Nordies takes returns whenever you decide to do them!!! Isn't that great...
  3. Silly me... I forgot to say congrats on a great find!
  4. Yes you are in the cat's seat (or is it bird seat)??? Anyway you can sit for awhile, a long while!! I can't wait to see this bag!
  5. congrats Divna, come on show us some pics....I need some eye candy please!
  6. Hey Div, I wondered where you'd got to (I was starting to pine for a post from the Divster). Definitely keep hold of the bag until you know what arm candy you've scored on the trip:graucho:. (I wish the scratches on my Argent popped silver underneath instead of smudgy black:sad:). Now get out of your PJ's woman and post some pics asap:p...
  7. Congrats, knew you couldn't send it back unopened, what kind of a Chloe girl would do that, certainly not me either.
    I sported my new Black Bay around today, and have to say I didn't quite get this Bay thing until today, I didn't think it was 'edgy' enough for me, but it may rapidly become my favorite. Tag, I understand why you love this style so much, it is so user friendly.
    And, yes, we need pics, pics!!
  8. Congratulations!
    We are looking forward to your modelling pics...
    BTW, I love your husbands statements (posted on another thread, but cant be bothered to look them up at the moment)... as if he didnt know you...
  9. Hey Ilson, I'm glad my mind-bending mission to spread Bay worship:love: across this forum is gotta love the :heart:Bay:heart: !
  10. Yeah! I'm so glad that you like the bag! I was wondering what you were going to think when you received it. Can't wait for the modeling pics.
  11. Pics, please?:graucho:
  12. I am so ashamed of myself that I still don't know how to insert pics. I took notes while Susie went through it all step by step but I'm scared. Of what I have no clue? Plus I have to figure out how to get a good picture of myself in a mirror AND I have to put on a good outfit and do my hair. I'll try to find time tomorrow when the TeeVee guy from Best Buy is here installing HD on my bedroom teevee - like I need it there. Another DH thing.

    The crazy thing is that I DO like this bag an awful lot?! If only I could take it out and about and not worry about keeping the tags on it. I always thought I had a preference for satchel tops? That's what I love about the medium Heloise and Bay.
  13. Tag, yes, I am loving this Bay, it really works well as a multi-purpose bag, I can stuff lots in the side pockets, and I like the large center area, just wish it was a bit lighter - by the time I put everything in it, oh well, that's the curse/blessing of that wonderful Chloe leather.

    Div, go ahead with the pics, practice makes perfect--I was a little intimidated to post pics here in the forum, don't know why, think I was afraid they would duplicate, not show up or something, but it is really pretty simple. Can't wait to see that beautiful Bay.:yes:
  14. Div:

    If you like it a lot, keep it:tup:. Girl, we only live once. And WE WANT PICS:woohoo::woohoo:

    HD is sooooo much better than regular TV. Once addicted, cannot go back. Too bad not all channels are HD yet, so looking forward to Feb'09...
  15. Nordies will take it back without the tags attached, just put them in the inside pocket. How are you suppose to know if you like it or not if you don't get to test drive it:angel:!!!!