My Aqua Flo Satchel Reveal! :)

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  1. Hey!
    So as many of you guys know, I got my bag yesterday. I was hoping for an even leather - smooth or pebbly - and I got pebbly and textured. I'm loving it though. It's all even. Which is good because the aqua color is quite revealing and it looks bigger. I have a taupe satchel and it seems that it hides flaws better and it hides its size better, if that makes sense. BUT I love the color blue, I love aqua so it doesn't intimidate me at all to carry a big, aqua bag. And even though I felt like wearing a boring outfit today, I had to step it up for my new girl. Lol. I'm rocking blue and charcoal gray.
    Oh, how we love our bags so. But I will say now, sadly, I'm on lockdown. I won't be buying another bag for a tiny, little bit. lol. Luckily, I don't have any on my radar. This is a bag I had to own. (With the exception of the one I really, really
    Ok. Here she is....(And I just added my kitty, Ms. Gracie, who snuggled up with my bag last night. Lol.)
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398434508.054205.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398434590.205908.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398434667.263780.jpg
  2. it's beautiful!! your cat is adorable.
  3. Yes, you sure do rock that bag! It looks great on you. And if Ms Gracie approves then it's definitely a keeper.

  4. THIS IS hawwwwt and you looking good !!!!
  5. Guuurrrrrlllll friend... you are really wearing that bag! I love it!!! It does look larger than a small but it looks great on you! Doesn't look overpowering at all. She already looks broken in as well.

    Aqua is not at all my color (because I'm scared of it... lol) but this makes me think and gives me a different perspective on aqua. :woot: The texture looks great to me.

    Thanks for sharing her. Your kitty knows how to stay close to fashion too! Enjoy the rest of your day with that beautiful bag. You definitely have to leave the office for lunch and show her off. :smile:
  6. That is stunning!! And it looks fantastic on you!!!

    Also, your kitty is adorable :smile:
  7. The chevron scarf in the second picture goes great with it too! I just noticed that.
  8. You are very beautiful , your outfit is sexy and smart and that bag is just the bomb :smile: How tall are you? Just to kind of get a feeling for the size of you and the size of the bag :smile:

    I love aqua, it is such a pretty color. I do hope they have it back in stock by the end of the year.

    My main issue with bigger FLO's is that I dont carry as much stuff. So for now I just put couple of different Calvin Klein pouches that each have just a couple of my items so it is more full :smile:

    Are you gonna treat your bag with conditioner or spray?

  9. Btw, your cats coloring is amazing too :smile: Im more of a dog person, but I love animals in general.
  10. Wow, she looks even better! I think your whole outfit makes her shine!
    You both look gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. Ahhh... I didn't see the scarf. i bet it will look great on the bag.
  12. You guys are the best. Hello, ego of mine! Lol. Thanks!! I enjoyed her today. She made an impression. And I did wear that chevron scarf today under my rich taupe trench coat. The scarf is actually an infinity scarf and it's aqua and gray. (Got it on Groupon. Lol.) Though the aqua on it doesn't pop as much as I thought it would. But it worked. Good eye, Twoboyz, on spotting the scarf.
    And thanks for the kitty love. Gracie is a rescue that I adopted from my cousin who is the one that rescued her. It's taken her a few months to settle in. Now she's mushy.

  13. I almost got that scarf on groupon, but the color I wanted was gone. :smile:

  14. There were a few colors I liked. I regretted missing out on the mint. That looked super nice. It's light and thin so it's a nice summer scarf. Maybe if they restock. Sometimes happens.