My april coupon buy!!!


along for the ride
Apr 9, 2007
Somewhere beyond the sea...
Hey all. I got the coupon in the mail last monday and I wasn't sure if I was going to use it. There are no bags at the moment that I "need" so I was looking at some accesories. Then I remembered that I wanted a pair if black sunnies. Off I went to the website and loved the Addison's. I went to the store today to try them on and I wasn't too crazy about them. I had plan b though. I already have the Lexi's in tortoise so the black would be perfect. And they are!!!!! Only $126 with tax!!! :tender: :girlsigh:



Apr 28, 2007
Cute, I used my coupon today too. Isnt it great? if you are buying something more expensive is not worth to use the coupon but with something like this is awesome. I got little things and saved a lot too. Congrats.