My appleguarding day LOL

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  1. Hey guys my apple guard came in today and I grabbed most of the mono in the house. I still want to do my moms bucket but anyway It took me an hour but I finished. The group pics makes the leather look dark only because it's wet but I have some of the result pictures and they came out amazing! I really recommend this stuff to all mono owners or anyone with vachetta! I did my moms trocadero but its older so the apple guard didn't do allot but it will protect it from future wear.

    ed 015.jpg
    all the leather is wet so it looks dark

    ed 016.jpg
    My montsouris with appleguard

    ed 017.jpg
    montsouris strap
  2. Oh yay i am so glad you apple guarded them.
  3. the results really show how great this stuff is!
  4. I love Apple conditioner...that stuff is amazing. I do wish it didn't smell like what it does though.

    I just applied it on my Chanel and it's great!! Works for almost all leathers, definitely :yes:
  5. Mike, when it dries down does it still look dark?
  6. no, in the other pics you can see the dry straps of the montsouris and they look like they did before just now clean and no more dirt!
  7. It has a water small water stain on the bottom and it not as prominent as before and with some more apple guard it should be almost all gone! If you look at the pics when they were wet it looks vintage lol but when they dry they are good as new!

    ed 018.jpg

    ed 020.jpg

    ed 021.jpg
  8. I need to get some Appleguard too! I will add it to my list. Lookin' good Mike!
  9. time to buyy!!!
  10. It is amazing stuff!! I use it on all of my vachetta.
  11. Wow, that looks fantastic!
  12. great results! thanks for posting.
  13. I'm sorry but what is appleguard? I used Mr Magic Eraser on my Azur speedy handles & it rubbed off the vachetta part. Now it doesn't turn the honey color anymore. instead it turns to dirt...UGGG I regret it.

    Can anyone tell me about this? maybe it could help my Azur & the MC in the future. Thanks.
  14. Apple products are leather care products. There is a cleaner (which is not recommended for vachetta), conditioner and rain repellant. The Apple Guard that most people here talk about are either the conditioner or the rain repellant. If you do a search you will find tons of info regarding these products.

    Your problem is that after using magic eraser, you should ALWAYS condition the leather because the magic eraser dries up the vachetta like crazy. If you don't condition the vachetta after using the eraser you will damage the vachetta.
  15. Can we find Apple Guard here in Alberta??