My Apple Green City arrived!

  1. My Apple Green City arived and it's yummy and fun! I'm so excited! Thanks Nhelle :biggrin: :love: :love:
  2. WOW! :nuts: You're so lucky, sweetsparkle!!
    You have such a colorful and fun collection!! Congratulations! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. Congrats! Your collection is great with all those fun 'pops' of color!
  4. wow!!!! your collection is SO awesome! congrats on your new b-bag!!!
  5. sweetsparkle, beautiful collection! congrats on the apple green!
  6. Thank you! I love the bright colors. It's great for summer. :biggrin:
  7. Wow!! Congrats on your yummy apple! Where did ya find her? I felt like I won the lotto when I found mine!
  8. I got it from another sweet forum member!!
  9. Gee it's like Xmas around here today lol! Congrats sparkle and cristina! I'm jealous....
  10. Oooh love it! Congrats!
  11. Oh, that is fabulous! Your collection is like a great bag of lollipops in front of a group of little kids!
  12. OMG *jawdrop*
    Sweetsparkle, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection!!!! Congrats on the newest addition!!
  13. This is going to sound crazy but I might part with the apple green. I think I'm loving the first might try to get a seafoam or turq 04 in that size....heads up ;)
  14. Yikes! What happened?
  15. hehe. I dunno...I feel it's too many bright colors in one basket. I might want to get one that's more subdued now.