My Apologize For Amanda And The People That Feel Bad For My Fault...

  1. I never tried to make somebody here feel bad. How I was explaining Amanda, the reason because I wrote that post (the one of the $20.000 Coach alligator bag) is because how some people here know, in my country, Colombia, live many people that is super poor and don't have money for nothing. There is people that live in houses made with newspaper and the last time I was readind in the news about a homeless woman that was in labor in the middle of the street, without any help, like a dog. And like that are many stories more. It is very hard. Thanks God I never had a sad life there, I am not a rich person but I can say that my life was like a princess there compare with the people that go to sleep with nothing in the stomach.
    So for me, a $400.00 bag is like a luxury and I don't need to have a $20.000 bag for feel happy. To be honest, I don't even dream with that.
    Last night I was looking in and I found in the catalog this expensive bag and I just wrote that message just for share my opinion but NEVER for insult somebody.
    I apologize if I make somebody feel bad with this post. :shame:

    And I want to give my apologize to Amanda because now that I know that she don't understood I think she was doing her job and she is a very nice person. I just said good-bye because I was sad thinking that everybody don't understood my message and I was looking like a rude person . But believe me, never I was trying to be rude with nobody here. I just have good things to say of everybody in this forum. :flowers:

  2. Thank you for the apology, Marcela. We have many members here who speak english as a second language, and we're happy to have all their comments and company :smile:.
  3. Hello and welcome to the Coach forum!!!! I don't think anyone thinks you to be a bad person, we all want you to have fun here. There are a lot of really nice people on the Coach forum, and we are glad you are a part of it now! Have fun getting to know everyone!!!! And loved your Carly by the way!!! It was very cute!
  4. Marcela, I don't think you were being rude, and I was probably the only person that thinks that. You are allowed to have your opinion and you have probably seen things in your home country that are different from what certainly I have seen and probably many other people here have seen. This gives you a unique perspective on things that we can all learn from.

    The reason I think you weren't being rude, is because you are still learning English - which is a VERY difficult language given the different nuances words can have, and how hard it is for people that speak English as a first language making their intent known. You were just trying to express an idea that you had a limited word bank for, you don't mean that we are stupid if we spend a lot of money on a purse, you were probably just trying to say that you are trying to figure out our priorities when you have seen people in so much pain that could live for years off 20,000 dollars.

    I think that it is our responsibility as compassionate ladies on here to realize that you weren't literally meaning something like us being stupid, and try to help you expand your language base and tell you that there may be other words you could use to express an idea. For every action there is a reaction, and only you are in control of how you react to something when clearly Marcela was not trying to insult anybody - she did apologize multiple times and we don't need to be punishing her for it anymore. I think we have all learned something here!

    Marcela, I think we realize that you are a very nice person and have a lot to contribute to the forum, and I would hate for you to think that we don't like you because you are trying to express an idea. Don't stop expressing yourself and if you have a question about how to phrase something or would like an idea for a word to better explain how you feel - I am sure any of us would be glad to answer - I know what it is like to be in a different country and have a limited use of the language. It can be very frustrating and hard to communicate, but I think your English is really good! Definitely better than my Spanish and German are!

    One thing that people can appreciate is imagery that goes along with your idea. Explaining the houses made out of newspaper and the poor woman giving birth in the street is something that can hit home more than using the word 'stupid'. See the difference?

    Don't worry about anything ok? :heart:
  5. Oh candace you are su cute...
    Yes, I have that "big" problem... My husband don't speak spanish and sometimes when I say something he don't understand what I mean and he thinks that I am rude... but not so much anymore. Now he knows that his wife will always speak like that!!! I am not going to english classes because -honestly- I feel lazyyyy... besides that I have my little baby and I want to be with him always.
    The worse thing that happened to me with the english was one day when I had like 1 year living here and we went to visit a co-worker of my husband and his wife was telling us that their dog was very sick... For I try to say: "Oh my God, how sad", I said: "Oh my God, is awesome!"... thinking that "Awesome" means something sad...
    After that... my life was ready!!! Never again I went to that house!!! Ha ha :yes:
  6. Your story reminds me of when I was a young newlywed and my Bolivian husband and I traveled to Bolivia to spend a few months there. I didn't speak Spanish then, and I sometimes said things (once, it was the word "stupid") that made entire rooms go silent and people stare at me. And I'd just look at my husband and go "What did I just say?" because it couldn't have been what I thought I was saying! Turns out "stupid" is a very, very bad word in Bolivia! And here we use it all the time, very casually.

    Since then, I've taught English as a second language to international executives of U.S. companies. And I always tell them the best way to learn English is to go out and just speak with people, as often as you can and in as many different situations as you can. Just be prepared to make mistakes and be embarrassed. It's going to happen, but making mistakes is one way to learn quickly. Oops, that didn't work.

    Oh, and I understood what you were saying in your post. Bolivia is also very poor, and people can buy a house and retire for the rest of their lives on $20,000. Comfortably. So I saw what you were getting at.
  7. Don't worry Marcela. We will all get the hang of your email "accent" and you'll fit in just fine... It's very difficult to communicate in English much less over the internet and express your thoughts. Hang in there!:flowers:
  8. P.S. How do you ladies stay up so late???:sleepy::lol:
  9. So well said Candace - I totally agree.
  10. It was very gracious of you to apologize and I understand your point. That said there are some folks that think spending even $200 on a bag is stupid. (And they know their English very well)
  11. Marcela, I understand where you are coming from as far as seeing poverty all around and then seeing a handbag that has a price tag of $20,000. I live on an Indian reservation where the poverty isn't as bad as you describe but for the United States, it's pretty sad. I know it's hard to separate that from your daily life and being on the forum but that's what I have to do. I come here to be shallow and carefree. I need to escape my daily reality. So maybe this can be an escape for you from the horrible circumstances that people live in around you. I'd encourage you to do what you can do to help those around you too. Find somewhere in your area that is perhaps helping those living in poverty and see how you can be part of the solution there. And then come here to unwind and have some fun! I'm glad you're sticking around. Welcome to the forum!
  12. Ha ha ha!!! The same question of my husband!!! Chele... I have a good reason... I have a baby!!!!!!!!! That means that I am like a vampire, I sleep during the day... when the baby let me do it!
  13. Hi Marcela!
    No worries at all! Your english is just fine:yes: So blog away girl and enjoy this great place with lots and lots of wonderful girls, guys and purses!!:tup:
  14. Great post candace117 and a great reminder too! In all the shallowness (meant in a good way :tup:) and obsessing that goes on here, I know I sometimes totally forget that tPF is international! Sometimes things can get lost in translation (shoot that even happens regardless if you've know English all your life LOL). Thanks for the reminder that I should always take a moment to think before posting because you never know.

    Glad you're staying Marcela! Now let's all hug and get back to obsessing over Coach bags!
  15. Welcome to the forum Marcela!