My Apologies to Whoever Was Watching My Inkas

  1. I had several of my Hayden-Harnett Inkas on eBay, just because I needed to make room in my closet for new acquisitions. (The Story of a Handbag Addict, Part Two) (or Three). After finding the Cole Haan at TJ Maxx I posted about and having a heck of a time keeping the straps on my shoulder or even getting used to the idea of a satchel, and seeing so many nice handbags on other women, I once again realized that the Inka is my dream bag, and I'm keeping all of them. I took the Cole Haan back.

    -SO- I had a number of people watching them on eBay, so if any of you are tPFers, please forgive me. My love for the Hayden-Harnett Inka is confirmed. I think HH shot themselves in the foot when they quit making the Inka, JMO.

    I must keep my darlings. Inka Saddle, Chocolate, Plum, Cobalt, Black, Chalk, and Olive. Now I'm on the hunt for a saddle tassle - I have tassels for every other color!

    Again, forgive me!
  2. ^LOL. I see a lot of myself in you! Enjoy your inkas!

    May I ask which is your favorite? Im guessing the Cobalt?
  3. Gung, you know, I've about worn out the saddle, believe it or not. I'm currently carrying the black.

    And yes - I was tempted to take a photo of the whole pile of them (and the lux hobos too) and post it - but I was busy organizing and didn't do it. I made little luggage tags for each one to attach to their sleeper so I can tell at a glance which one is which. Aren't we clever -

    You ever get to St. Paul, give me an e-mail buzz -
  4. India-i have to say i am RELIEVED! i saw those auctions and it made me so disturbed to think you had moved on from the Inka. it was like witnessing a 'break up' of the couple you think is madly in love! in this crazy fickle purse world i need to believe that true bag love is possible :yes:
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. I wasn't watching the auctions but I'm also glad to hear your keeping your've enjoyed them so much.
  7. Haha it was me! I was watching them! I'm glad you're keeping them though. They are better with you then anyone else!:tup:
  8. India -
    Ah, so glad to hear that you've rediscovered a "true love"!
    Sometimes, we just need a little time apart, a little innocent flirtation never hurts - and you've found your way back to your bag-honey!
    Jandelvis - what a lovely post you wrote!

    Happy Holidays and Happy Wishes for a wunnerful 2008 to all!
  9. If you go back to your Inkas, maybe there's still hope for Jen to get Brad back? Was your Cole Haan an Angelina type? Did it appear to be to accumulating little coin purses from all over the store?

    I actually do like Angelina but I like that "Reunited" song better.
  10. Thanks, everyone. So funny today, I'm home from work, putting up my stuff, and I hang my black Inka in its customary spot, and I smile. One of those "oh happy day" smiles. Sigh. Time apart did indeed cause me to see the error of my ways.

    The Cole Haan stood alone. She definitely deserves somebody to love her. Maybe she could take lessons from Angelina... how that woman did it, we'll never know. Or maybe we do. Never mind - I guess I could hijack my own thread, but it would get moved then!
  11. LOL! You are too cute! Enjoy your Inkas
  12. I'm glad they didn't sell before u changed ur mind....I've done that before..listed purses and then changed my mind before it was too late! :sweatdrop: Seems like ur Inkas will stay with u for a while longer...if not forever!
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: