My Antigua is officially my work bag! Pics!

  1. My work bag used to be my monogram Speedy 30, but now its my Antigua! Holds everything I need and hands-free!

    Today after work I walked over to Starbucks (right across from my work) to get a Frappicino. Rather than holding my labcoat I decided to put it in my Antigua so I could be hands-free to grab my Frapp, a straw, and some napkins. Then I saw the cutest stuffed turtle ever in the basket. There were about 10 of them in there so ofcourse I had to go through every single one to choose the best one. :p The were on sale for $3.59, regular price is $5.95.

    So after I ordered my frapp, I just put my turtle inside my Antigua and it fit perfectly! So I walked out of there with my frapp in one hand and the other hand free! It was awesome. If I had been holding my Speedy 30, I would have been struggling with looking though the turtles and getting my frapp.

    Here are some pics of the capacity:

    That white thing is my labcoat:

    Turtle was too cute not to add this picture :p
  2. must look super fabulous at work!!!
  3. omg!!!! that turtle is too cute!! do they have any more? can you ship one to me!

    i love the antigua MM!
  4. Wow, I love it!! Love the antigua colors and that turtle is too darn cute!
  5. Aw the turtle is soooo cute!!
    How long are the straps on the bag? are the plenty long? do you have a modeling pic by chance?
  6. Thanks everyone! Just so you know, I didn't fix up the contents of my Antigua to make it look nice...thats exactly how it looked when I carried it home (with the turtle looking out :lol:). Even with all that inside it still fit under my shoulder without being too bulky.

    I was driving home with my bag in the passenger seat next to me, with my bag open exactly like that and my turtle watching me drive home! :roflmfao: No problem with my bag falling over as I was driving either!
  7. aaaaawwwww, your turtle is adorable!! I saw polar bears and walruses this morning at starbucks but no turtles!!

    oh, back to the topic, now I really want the brown antigua (with the turtle)!! thanks for sharing!!
  8. Love your antigua. And the turtle!
  9. Get it! Get it! :graucho:
  10. wow that is a super cute turtle. hahaha
  11. ha ha how funny is that.. i have a very similar turtle coin purse.. i love your bag !
  12. I have always loved this bag. Hope to have it one day.
  13. so cutie
  14. Looks great...I have the EXACT same bag, except it's the PM size.....I love the antigua, such a great casual LV!!

    p.s. the turtle is adorable !!!!