My Antigona Reveal!!

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  1. Scored these two beauties during sale season! I wad lucky enough to find these at the right time! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464461995.968394.jpg
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464462045.375667.jpg
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  3. Gorgeous! Congrats! May I ask where you bought yours and how much? Also, is that the beige with soft gold hardware?

    I am just about to buy a beige small Antigona with silver hw. It's a dream color combo for me.

  4. Hi! Thank you :smile: I got the blue one at Saks for 1300ish and the other one is actually like a nude pink color with silver hardware :smile: it's hard to capture the true color. But I got it at ssense for 1400.
    Here's anther picture of it. It's like a powder pink :smile:
  5. They are just great! Love them both! Are these small or mini sizes?
  6. Thanks so much! These are the small size :]
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Sooo lucky in scoring them! Be careful with color transfer.

  9. Thanks! My friend actually has the same powder pink Antigona and her boyfriend's jeans attained the back haha. But she recommended a leather cleaner that totally cleaned off all the denim transfer. Looks brand new! :smile:
  10. Wow gorgeous! Love the colours and great find. Congrats! :smile:
  11. Lovely light colors! My favorite is the ice blue antigona. :biggrin:

  12. Where'd you find these please?

  13. Saks and ssense:smile: 99 percent sure they're both long gone though :sad: sorry! I do have another light blue one coming in the mail from far fetch though that I'm most likely going to send back. Maybe try checking there afterwards?

  14. Thank you! I realized afterwards that the Givenchy sale started a while ago. I figured then it was a lost cause. I need to start visiting the Givenchy subforum more now that I've determined I want to get one.

  15. So pretty together!