My Antigona Reveal! (and a little help needed please!)

  1. Jumped on the Antigona bandwagon! Set my eyes on a simple plain black Antigona, but I saw these 2 babies, and knew I had to get them!

    Love how the pyramids on the bag are indented into the leather, and it really is a piece of work. Don't know how Givenchy does this!

    Do you guys moisturize your bags or polish them? I'm not too sure if its the weather back home (30 degrees C)... but my black antigona is starting to look it needs some moisturizing! Any good moisturizer or bag polish to recommend?
    GB1.jpg GV2.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats on your lovely purchases!

    I don't moisturise mine because it's not a soft leather and doesn't seem to need it, but if I did I would probably just use the same one I've used on all my other bags - Collonil leather cream, which is Mulberry's recommended brand for what it's worth.
  3. Thank you Silversun! Ill go check Collonil out!
  4. These are are so beautiful and different!! Congrats on acquiring such rare beauties!! I live in a cold climate so I can't help you with the heat question ;/
  5. Stunning pair!!! Wow!!! I certainly hope you do modshots with them.

    Can't help with the moisturizing question. My Ants don't feel like they need conditioning. Good luck and please share what you discover.
  6. there's a care sticky thread, but i use lexol. btw, your tri-color ant is a treat since it's the first one here. any chance you might do some better lit pics or mod shots?
  7. Beautiful! I didn't realise it was embossed in the leather. I always had thought they were just extra bits that were glued on :smile:

    Would love to see some mod pics too!
  8. Major congratulations. You have 2 really special antigonas.
    I second randr - would love more close up shots of both bags!
    There are a few leather moisturizers you can use for the smooth leather. Lexol wipes are great. There's apple guard or even blackrock which I use for my H smooth leather bags.Can you expand in what way your bag looks like it needs moisturizing?
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Clearer (hopefully) pics of the tricolor! So the SA who attended to me was right... he did say that these pieces don't come all that often. I stood there for a good half hour thinking if I should just do it having just committed to the black one and a few other frivolous things. My partner got a tad bit frustrated waiting (haha) and bought it for me (bigger haha) :smile:.

    It's beautiful though. The Givenchy words are set into the wood itself. But I have to say the Antigona's really give my biceps a good workout. They are heavy!! Other than that I love them :smile:

    ps: Sorry don't know how to rotate the pictures!
    photo-3.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg
  11. here's the black one! And the wrinkling that's causing me a bit of grief. You can't see it from far, but if one looks close enough, one can tell. I called a givenchy SA and she's recommended Collonil as well and she also said it's also because I sometimes carry the bag on its strap on my shoulders when it get's too heavy.

    On hindsight she did tell me that I have to be careful because the bag would scratch quite easily, but not as easily as the full black antigona because it's a different leather. I find it alot easier to carry the tri-colour because I don't have to be too concerned about scratching the leather. I love this black too but having to polish it is really quite troublesome.

    Thanks for the compliments on these babies guys! :smile:
    1b.jpg 2b.jpg
  12. Wow - truly stunning bags!
    I really love the tricoloured one!
    Glad you are loving them!
    I do see the leather lines on the sides of the black and hope the moisturising can help :smile:
  13. thanks babe!
  14. Is the black one the high shine leather..? It looks more like the goat but less grainy I right..?
  15. i think it's calf skin!