my anthracity is a keeper! (pics)

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  1. after a few days of checking out my anthracity transform...going from room to room in daylight and in different lighting during the evening, modeling it in front of the mirror, placing my bag against various colors of clothing and fabric...i've decided to keep my anthracity! :yahoo:

    during the day, my bag looks more gray, but at night it transforms to teal or blue's crazy how it does that, but it's an amazing color. :nuts:

    again, here's my anthracity.:heart:

    i've added modeling pics. :shame: i apologize for my unsteady hand. for those of you who are thinking of buying a city and/or think you're too short for it, i'm 5'1". it's not as big as you think! the city is versatile and perfect for everyday (or night). i love it!




  2. Oh's looks really nice on you...really nice colour!! Where did you but it?!
  3. Wow the bag looks great on you. i love the color. Congrats :smile:
  4. I'm glad you are going to keep your anthracity, it's beautiful and you look great in your photos! cool style Odd
  5. hi woosah...thank you! :heart: i believe they are still available at bny if you're interested in buying one!
  6. Thanks...I am very interested now!
  7. thanks annabellet & marie1ollie! :heart:

    marie, this is one of my casual outfits...just throw on jeans, a white tee, and a hoody. :p i'm actually going grocery shopping soon. i'm debuting my anthracity at safeway. :lol:
  8. odd, your anthracity is gorgeous :heart: the leather looks just amazing! I wanna reach through the screen and smoosh her LoL
    wear her in good health!
  9. Oh yay! I love your pictures odd - the leather looks so scrummy! Congratulations.
  10. Love it!:love: She looks fabulous on you!:heart: Congrats, Odd!:yahoo:
  11. Stunning! What a great bag!
  12. OMG girlie i see you now. :nuts: You are so pretty and you look amazing with your Anthracity.:yahoo: I am so happy that you are keeping her and i knew you would like the leather.;)
  13. WOW!!!! Gorgeous. Congrats :heart:
  14. Odd, you look so anthrasexy! That is one gorgeous bag! I'm glad that you are keeping her!
  15. Shasta ,Anthrasexy..... I love that word!!! that was good:supacool: