My Anthracite WE is here !!!!!

  1. Hi Girls ,

    Thanks to you, I've been able to choose my last Bbag before (before my big H purchase) : A Weekender:yahoo: !

    I was in the Printemps this morning...and was still hesitant on the, anthracite, even bleu glacier...

    But with Anthracite :love: it was love at first sight !!!!
    The new WE has longer handdles to fit on shoulder!!!

    A real cameleon color !!! As INK was ...
    A real mix of black, grey, blue and green...
    But very hard to capture in pics ...
    I'll try again with sun later :idea: (let's hope the clouds desappear soon)

    What do you think of my last b-bag :graucho: ???
    Weekender SS07 Anthracite.JPG Weekender SS07 Anthracite (1).JPG Weekender SS07 Anthracite (2).JPG Weekender SS07 Anthracite (3).JPG
  2. Comparison pics with INK work and ...Mr. Kitty...


    Weekender SS07 Anthracite (5).JPG Weekender SS07 Anthracite (4).JPG Weekender SS07 Anthracite (6).JPG Weekender SS07 Anthracite (7).JPG
  3. OMG! It's gorgeous!:love: Congrats! Your cat is so cute too :heart:
  4. gorgeous! you chose the WE :yahoo: congrats p! i definitely need to see anthracite IRL...i want a day or city. :yes: what do you think?

    btw, mr. kitty is such a cutie pie!
  5. Wow!!! I love it!! CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you, what a great last purchase! So, they have made the handles longer?? Is it possible for you to measure them so I can compare them to my WE?? ENJOY!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Look forward to more pics!
  6. Thank You Percephonie !!!
    Odd : Thank you for the bag and ...Kubilaï...
    and I think this color would be amazing in day size !!!
  7. Congrats, Paris, the colour is adorable!!!
    Finally another colour with more dimensions.
  8. OMG!!!! I love that color!!! Thank you for comparing with INK!! That gives me a good idea of what it looks like....

    Oh crud... now I really have to make some serious decisions....
  9. Beautiful!! and your cat is ADORABLE!! :love:
  10. Your bag is so beautiful! Congratulations!
    It looks a bit "teal" to me - is that accurate?
    How do you like the leather?
  11. :heart: :heart: !!!

    I love it! Congrats
  12. The first great pics of Anthracite! Thank you for sharing the pics with us-it's beautiful
  13. The color looks beautiful!!!

    It looks VERY it? It looks like a great color with denim.
  14. congrats!
  15. *wolf whistles*