my anthracite twiggy is here!!

  1. I just got my anthracite twiggy a few minutes ago. Daphne at Bal NY did an amazing job of picking one with very soft, distressed and smooshy leather. Couldn't have picked it better myself. :yahoo:
    The color is absolutely gorgeous, but much bluer than I expected. Of course, it's evening now, and I didn't get a chance to see it in natural daylight. So I'm very curious to see what it looks like tomorrow when i take it outside. i just hope it's not *too* blue... my original plan was to get a black bag because that's what I really need, and then I decided the anthracite would be close enough to wear with black, but would be a little bit extra special and edgy. But now I'm hoping it's black enough to wear when I want to be wearing a black or "blackish" bag. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow, and I will definitely take pics indoors and out and post them.
  2. Congrats, I can't wait to see it! :yahoo:
  3. Can't wait to see pics!!
  4. Ooo, the suspense! I can't wait to see...I LOVE the Anthracites I've seen with more blue to them!
  5. Can't wait to see it!! I'm debating getting something in Antracite myself, but I Marine - so I don't know if that would be too close or not.

    Can't wait to see your pics!! :yes:
  6. Congrats! That's what led me to return my Anthra Twiggy. It was too blue for me.
  7. congrats!! I love the twiggy style--also, the anthracite is gorgeous and versatile!!!:yes:
  8. I can't wait to see photos of your twiggy! I'm getting an Anthraciy in a few weeks myself. I bet it's gorgeous!
  9. Congrats!!! I can't wait to see pics.
  10. ^^ yay, can't wait to see piccies!!! :yahoo:
  11. My anthracity is more bluer than what others on the board said. No greens at all. I was kind of hoping for slate blue/grey but it seems more ink blue.

    Would love to see ur pics of the twiggy!
  12. Such a tease! Lol! I was ready to drool at the pics.
    Can't wait! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats!!:yahoo:Can't wait to see pics!:yes:
  14. Pls post pics.....we can't wait...heheheh
  15. congrats!