my anthracite preorder has been canceled! i want to cry!

  1. i just called daisy at balNY to ask about my preorder for an anthracite bowling, and when it's expected to come in. after checking, she said that she just now found out that the order (to the store, i assume) has been cancelled. :wtf::confused1::crybaby:

    to LVR and cult status, i go! i need anthracite!
  2. Does it have to be a Bowling?:confused1:
  3. Try a different style. I'm sure other styles will be availalbe in Anthracite. Except of course Box.
  4. Why did they cancel it? Don't the Bal stores get in all the colours in all the styles?
  5. Unfortunately, they don't. Although they probably have the biggest selection of any U.S. retailer, they just order what they think will sell best each season.

    My guess is that they canceled it because they didn't think anthra would sell (in multiples) in that style. :confused1: It's baffling though, that they'd renege on your preorder when they initially accepted it. I would be sad and upset, too.

    You might like anthra in the Work. It's a different shape but comparable size. Very elegant!
  6. Oh bella safarina i am so sorry! I kow you wanted and waited for this bag, but try LVR or other stores, why not eBay, I know is not the best option but I think there is a black mini B. and a blueberry as well, good luck!!
  7. I'm really sorry to hear your story. When I have my heart set on a color and style, it is difficult to try to think about something else. I hope that another store can accomodate your order. Best of luck.
  8. I'm so sorry for you...I hope you'll find another Antra in another store...
    Good luck and fingers crossed !!!!!!
  9. That stinks, but you should definitely try it in a different style. The color is TDF!
  10. That really does stink! I can't believe they cancelled an order they had accepted. You'd think they'd at least get you the one you had asked for. I'm so sorry. I hope someone has seen the bag you're looking for!
  11. thanks for the support, everyone! the style is negotiable. a day would be ideal, but they seem more rare than two-horned unicorns...and the only anthratwiggy i see is from cult status (prices+customs+shipping=ouch!). the flat messenger looks very cute, but i'm worried that it won't hold much and will bulge out.

    oh well. i guess it just wasn't meant to be :girlsigh:
  12. Aw that stinks bella! Your SA should have called and told *you*, not the other way around... you could have been waiting forever! :crybaby:
  13. Ohhhhh how awful! ^^^^ Yeah,they should have at least called you to let you know.
    Have you tried Nordstroms in Sac, I know they were getting some Anthracite in a few styles? Also Susans I think had one or two in a work if you were interested at all in that style....
  14. i am sorry to hear that. good luck checking around and i hope your find her.
  15. So sorry to hear that...hope you can find it in other places in other styles....:balloon: :balloon: