my anthracite is here! (pics inside)

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  1. my anthracite is here! the leather is amazingly soft, smooshy, and evenly distressed. it's definitely a complex color, a slate gray w/ blueish or tealish undertones depending on the light. i've taken my bag from room to room, lights on and off to see the chameleon qualities everyone has described. anthracite is a beautiful color, but i'm not sure if it's a keeper. i'm still getting use to the color. i think i'll give it one more day to see if it grows on me. i've taken photos w/o flash in daylight. enjoy!


  2. Oh odd it's TDF:drool: I have trying to decide if to get a may be swaying me
  3. YUM! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. That is a beautiful bag! That is exactly like the one I had. It was just too "moody" for me but it IS such a lovely color!
  5. thanks marie, incoralblue, jewelqueen! :heart:

    i really like the color, but i'm not sure that i love it. i'm 50/50 with this one. the leather is TDF though...very soft smooshy, not stiff like some 06 bbags. maybe i should wait for plomb 07. i have a gray 05 day, which i absolutely love, on the chopping block, but i'm looking for a more charcoal gray color.
  6. The leather on your gorgeous bag is TDF!!!
  7. Wow! That is so gorgeous...the leather looks amazing as does the color actually. Very pretty!
  8. thanks culejule and hellosunshine! :heart:

    i just haven't quite fallen in love w/ the color, but i agree, the leather is fabulous!
  9. a keeper.
  10. It looks so beautiful, I love it!
  11. So yummy. :drool: I could not get used to Anthracite either but give it a try.;)
  12. Oooh :drool: The leather does look amazing!

    Give her a shot & maybe you'll love her tomorrow. If not, send that baby back for someone else to love & for something else you love :yahoo:
  13. thanks orangesmurf, oceancitygirl, nanaz, verty! :heart:

    i'm not sure if it's a keeper yet, but i'll give it one more day. :sweatdrop:;)
  14. you were right about this one, the leather is yummy! you always pick the best. ;)

    if only the color was love at first sight, then i wouldn't be questioning this bag. :shrugs:
  15. the leather is tdf!! it's a keeper.Congrats!