My anniversary presents...

  1. Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary with a nice overnight stay at a Victorian Hotel in Cape May, NJ. On the way down he took me to the Atlantic City, NJ Coach outlet and let me get whatever I wanted! This was my first trip to an outlet ever, and Wow I was in heaven. I kinda expected the outlet to be a pick through the racks kinda store like Marshalls or something, but it was all so well organized with the prices all posted and everything. I spent about an hour walking around with my husband following after me carrying one of those HUGE brown Coach shopping bags! I wound up getting a black Gallery tote, matching wristlet and wallet, holiday patchwork scarf from last year and charms with my initial and my childrens initials to put on the bag. I also picked up a pair of black leather gloves with silver buckles at the wrist! Oh I love my stuff so much. As a matter of fact I love that tote so much that on the way home today we made a detour back to the outlet and he got me the same tote and matching wristlet in brown to put away for my bday in December!:yahoo: And that still leaves Christmas for any new merchandise that may come out. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. Thanks for reading!
  2. Awesome!!!! What a great hubby! Happy anniversary! Be sure to post pics when you get a chance! Everything sounds so beautiful!
  3. wow you have a great husband lol
  4. Thanks! Yes he is the very best, and I made sure he knew just how much I appreciated the trip to the outlet:graucho:. He told me he'd take me back any time I wanted!!!!
  5. omigosh! does your hubby have a friend? haha, jk. i have a bf, but damn i'm jealous! congrats on your anniversary and a super sweet hubby! can't wait for pics, great haul! congrats again!
  6. Happy Anniversary! What a nice celebration you had!
  7. Thanks, Lunatwinkle (your name is too cute!). I love my stuff, but I must admit that I enjoyed our nice romantic (minus the kiddies) dinner even more.
  8. Oh my gosh my internet is so slow tonight! Thanks for the wishes, Kimmi.
  9. That's so sweet of your dh! Happy Anniversary!
  10. Wow, nice!!! Happy anniversary........your hubby sounds like a keeper!! As I'm sure YOU are!:tup:
  11. Can you give your DH my DSO's number? haha that is sooo nice of him! nice haul!
  12. Lucky girl!!
    And sucha nice DH!

    Sounds like a fun trip!
  13. Can't wait to see photos!!
  14. You got some great items! How much were the initials? They were $10 each at my outlet.
    Where is the Coach outlet in A.C.? Is it at that mall on the boarwalkd or is it in a casino?
  15. Awh.... Congratulations on great finds and 16 years...
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time.