My anniversary present

  1. As you all know from my previous posting, I absolutely love the Carly in brown sig but never thought my DH would let me buy one. So we went in to the boutique in Annapolis where a really nice SA helped me look at all the options in the brown sig. So we (me, the SA, DH, and my older boy) decided on a bag...

    Here's my anniversary present in it's packaging...
    [​IMG]Here it is in the new silky dustbags they started using this summer/fall....

    Can you guess what's inside???
  2. Here it is....


    A medium Carly in the brown (choc) signature fabric! :yahoo::drool::nuts::wlae:
    She's SO beautiful!!! I love her (and DH)! :heart:

    Of course, I'm on ban for QUITE a while but she's worth it TOTALLY!!!:yahoo:
  3. A brown signature CARLY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have me in suspense here!!!!! OPEN the bag....OPEN the bag!!!!!!! LOLOL
  4. I'm RIGHT!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! She is beautiful! Happy Anniversary and enjoy your new bag!!!!
  5. Wow! That's a beautiful choice. I love the brown sig fabric. I'm usually a leather girl, but I'll make an exception for sig brown!
  6. Ahh! GORGEOUS BAG!!!!! It's one of my dream bags!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Congrats to you! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Again, Amazing bag!!!!
  7. Congrats! I love my Brown Sig Medium Carly too! Enjoy!!!
  8. She is beautiful! Happy anniversary to you!
  9. I want a silky dustbag!!

    Congrats on your new gorgeous bag and happy anniversary!!
  10. congrats !
  11. Happy Anniversary.
  12. Beautiful!!! You will love her! :yes: Carly Rocks!!! :rochard:
  13. Ooooh nice present! And yes, how does one get a silky dust bag??
  14. Oh Yeah!!! What an awesome surprise!!! I'm so glad you got what you really wanted!!! Good hubby!!!!! :okay: Enjoy your new beauty of a bag!!!!!!!:nuts:
  15. Hey, yeah that is an awesome dustbag actually....I didn't even notice it caz I was drooling too much over the bag....but that's a cool dustbag.