My Anniversary present .. A Harley!!!!(pics)

  1. I'm so excited!:yahoo: :yahoo: My husband just surprised me tonight with a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle! I have been looking at this exact one for quite awhile. I can't believe he bought it for me for our anniversary! He's the best!:tender: We will be married 13 years on Monday. Here are some pics he took tonight when it was presented to me. I'm so happy! This is the bike of my dreams! :love: I can't wait to ride this baby tomorrow!

  2. Woooo Hoooo!! You look HOT!!! Great HD!!! Congrats!!
  3. SHUT UP! Which one is it, I can't tell...LUCKY!!
  4. Kat, you look GREAT on this bike!!!!
    What a great anniversary gift
    Ride in good health
  5. woo hoo hot mama! that is one bad hogg! does your DH have one too?
    what a great guy! happy anniversary!
  6. OMG!!! Kat!!! What a present!!! The bike is gorgeous and you look HOT on it!!!:graucho: Enjoy it and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!:flowers::drinkup:
  7. That is gorgeous!!!!!!!! You look so hot on it!!! What a great hubby. Happy Anniversary!! :party:
  8. It's a Deluxe.:love:
  9. You really must have been a great wifey this year!!!!
  10. Bangs head on keyboard. I want one!!
  11. DH rides a Heritage Softail Classic, Anniversary Edition. His bike is all cromed out and fully dressed. It's a beauty too!
  12. awww, you look so cute on your new bike!
    congrats on your anniversary too!
  13. Very cool! Congrats!!!
  14. You look safe...and Happy Anniversary! That is going to be a hard surprise to beat in the future!! ENJOY!
  15. You are so pretty Kat and I want your life! LOL