My anniversary is not until October...

  1. ...but my dream present will not be wainting for me. So my husband decided to get it for me and he's gonna keep it until then. Can you guess what it is?
  2. ugh i'm terrible with suspense. let me take a peek already!!:yes:
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    tpf2.jpg tpf3.jpg
  4. medium flap
  5. know this would be a lot easier - if you would open the box and show us....hehehehe.:p

    Pretty Please........:cutesy:
  6. ^^^Nope!
  7. Ok, open the dust cover.....
  8. Big clue!
  9. Pretty Please worked before - I will try it again...Pretty Please:cutesy:
  10. It's a baby cabas:heart:
  11. No fair - I am blonde and the dust cover...please....:woohoo:
  12. Last 2

    tpf6.jpg tpf7.jpg
  13. yay! i guessed cabas too as soon as i saw the handles! Happy early anniversary!
  14. Oh, wow...congrats - very beautiful......Well, I don't feel so bad now, I don't have one -so the clue didn't help me.

    Enjoy your great bag...aren't those like super hard to get....

  15. I knew you'd know! I saw yours!!!