My Anniversary Gift

  1. So I had to share with you all what my husband did for me. It was our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday and we went to dinner and then to the new Cirque de Soleil Beatles show that's in town. Between dinner and the show we went to the Forum shops to look at bags(it's my favortite thing to do when we go to the strip). I had already recieved my anniv. gift from him so I thought we were just window shopping. Anyways, we are in Coach and I am showing him all the new stuff and talking about how I like the Sig. Stripe Line. And how I want to get a Swing Pack next cause I don't have one...
    OK, long story short (too late I guess:P ) he was working with the SA to get me what I wanted without my knowing the whole time. They were so sneaky. He was all "Well I guess we better get going" and I was sad inside, as I am when I have to leave all the pretty bags. But we had gotten almost out and he said "Oh, wait you forgot your bag." I turn around and the SA is holding a bag and smiling!!!
    :yahoo: I was so suprised and excited. So I got the Swing Pack with the brown stripe and the monkey key fob. Too cute. My hubby is the best. Don't you love a good surprise?
  2. Happy Anniversary! Congrats, I think you got a keeper!
  3. that was great.

    I love my Swing Pack, it is comfortable and it's great as a small bag that actually holds stuff.

    I think that monkey key chain is TDF, hubby knows I don't want any bags right now I just want the MONKEY!!!
  4. Congrats! That was a really cute story and a great surprise! Happy Anniversary! The monkey keyfob is so adorable !
  5. Happy Anniversary! What a great surprise and wonderful DH.
  6. What a guy!!! :o)

    Happy Anniversary
  7. Happy Anniversary - that was a great story!
  8. Awww, so sweet! I want a man who would do something like that for me! Congrats on the new swing pack!
  9. That is so cool! I would love to be surprised like that. Congrats on your anniversery and your new gifts!!
  10. Happy Anniversary! That was so sweet of your husband! I have done that before for someone and the look on their face was so priceless. ( I worked at Coach before ) Congratulations again!
  11. Congrats..happy anniversary! Your husband is so sweet for doing all of that.
  12. aww!!
  13. Thanks All!!
    I must say I felt like a bit of a princess.
    And, yes, he's a keeper. There's nothing like a good Midwestern Boy!
  14. GO MIDWEST! WAAAAWHOOO!!!! Hehe! :yahoo:
  15. Ohhhh that's so sweet! Happy anniversary!