My Ann Demeulemeester shirt.

  1. I saw this picture of this shirt in one of my mags and just had to have it. I know its a bit "out their" but it does go so well with black jeans (like the picture in the mag). The front is really long and the back, bottom of the short is folded up, their are also 2 straps at the back so you can make the shirt tight or not. I push the shirt sleeves up and wear with a 3/4 sleeve crop jacket

    Anyone else like Ann Demeulemeester clothes?
    138_3834.JPG 138_3830.JPG 138_3831.JPG 138_3832.JPG
  2. i love it! what site did you purchase it from?
  3. A guy gives a thumbs up :tup: Ann Demeulemeester makes fab clothing even for guys.
  4. I love Ann Demeulemeester though I don't have anything from her - some of it is soooo expensiv. Your shirt is stunning!
  5. I am afraid, its not on a web site, I bought it from Browns in london, it was the last one they had and it was my size :yahoo:. Cost a fortune, but is so stunning on, over the moon with it. now trying to find shoes.
  6. I love Ann Demeulemeester! Great shirt!
  7. Wow! what a shirt! It's so different and very nice!
  8. Quite original! I like it. Congrats! Looking forward to modeling pics.
  9. I love her designs!! Very original...fabulous!