My Anguish & The Easy Bag..

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  1. So, my emotions are in complete disarray right now. I waited too long on that all-leather brown Easy Bag up on *bay for $299 obo...and someone binned it before I could.

    I would have got it in time if I wouldn't have had to call my mother first and ask her if it'd be okay to choose my birthday gift early, as I myself am broke from college fees and wouldn't have been able to pay for all of it.

    I have never felt such depression over a bag in my entire life!

    Seriously guys, this hurts. :sad:

    I think Minkettes of all people will understand.

    That bag & I were meant to be. My brown bag soulmate. That might sound horrible, but it's true.

    Comforting words would be greatly appreciated.

    And while I'd LOVE to hear someone tell me, "ohhhhh, it's okay, another all-leather brown Easy will come along..." I'd rather hear it straight up. Is there seriously like no chance of one ever popping up again? Last time one popped up, I'm pretty sure it was eons ago and it was suede.

    I am so heartbroken.:crybaby:

    As weird as it sounds as it's not very popular, it was the RM (besides the Royal BW) I would break a ban for. That was My HG Brown Bag. :sad:
  2. Oh no! I am so sorry you missed it!!!! You hang in there. I'm sending happy bag vibes your way:smile:
  3. awwwww its ok raquelle

    look..i totally understand how u feel. really. i do.
    but trust me when i say that another brown bag will show up that will blow your mind away :yes:
    and besides, the ladies here on the forum are more than happy to help you find another Easy Bag that will suit your liking if you still can't find another to-die-for brown bag :smile:
  4. Everything is possible! I remember seeing one on bluefly few days ago... maybe keep checking that site in case someone returned it?
  5. Awwww.....Raquelle honey, I don't think that you are crazy at all! I was :drool:ing over that bag myself!!! Big hugs to you: :hugs:

    That stinks. For reals. But like I have said to you before, that royal BW is meant to be yours, and you WILL have it someday (sooner rather than later, trust me). :yes:

    I am convinced of this.
  6. and also keep in mind that RM is making more brown bags girlie :P
  7. Aww thanks guys, I really do appreciate the kind words.

    I just loved the combo of those 2 brown leather shades together, the perrrrfect brown for me. Also, I needed a really huge ginormous bag for classes, and that bag fit the bill perfectly.

    It was just one of those things, where there's something about the bag where it feels like it was designed with you in mind. No other brown RM ever came close for me. (yet, anyway, ofcourse)

    ivy- they had an easy up on bluefly? do you remember if it was the suede one or the all-leather?
  8. I think it was the same one as the one on ebay...
  9. The Easy on Ebay was all leather. The Bluefly Easy was leather trim with a suede Body. It's been on and off of Bluefly for a year now. I know because I was one of the people who bought and returned it....LOL That bag was Ginormous!!! I would write the seller on ebay just in case that transactions falls through. It happens. Then keep a good eye on ebay in case the buyer ends up not liking it and selling it.
  10. :sad: I'm so sorry, Raquelle! It definitely feels worse when your dream bag is in reach and then gets taken away. I'm hoping you find another brown bag of your dreams SOON (or the Easy goes on eBay again!) If I ever see one I will PM you in a millisecond!! ;)

    I've been looking for a nice-sized bag for class, too. I still haven't found one I like! Either the opening is too small, or it's like an inch too short/tall for a folder. Sigh... we will get our dream bags soon!

  11. Yea, after I saw I missed out I searched tpf to find out anything at all on this bag, and I take it is was your old thread that came up! I actually do realize just how ginormous it is, and I am one of the select few who want/need it for that purpose!

    But yea, I had a feeling the bluefly bag was the suede one. I defintely don't want to do suede, the all-leather is the one for me.:heart:

    I will def. be keeping my eyes peeled in case it pops up on ebay! And thank you to those who will be doing the same for me!
  12. OMG, isn't that always the case?? I thought I was just a weirdo who doesn't know how to buy bags, but it's true, folders just never want to fit properly! If they do fit through the opening, they are either sticking out by like half an inch and the bag can't be zipped or they are crammed into the bag and get bent and torn up.

    That is why for the last 2-3 years I keep on using canvas or corduroy totes.

    The ones I have found that fit stuff properly, are never my style.
  13. Me too!! I have this relatively cute canvas one (not exactly the most stylish) from Urban Outfitters that I used during my undergraduate days. Now that I'm in grad. school I want to have a "mature" bag haha. Plus the canvas is getting ripped at the bottom corners. We need to start a thread where people suggest good work/school bags :nuts:
  14. Racquelle, I totally hear you, and I'm sorry you missed it. . I saw that easy tote on eBay and thought "ge'ez that bag is huge" but for your purpose, it's perfect. I believe things happen for a reason, you will find it again, or maybe find another RM to better suit your needs! I will keep my eyes open for one, and pm you right away!
  15. I think you have a better chance now than ever.
    Bags that normally don't pop up have been popping up lately.
    I'll keep an eye on *bay, *crater, and *onanzle for you!