My Angel Bought Me Prada!

  1. I came back from work today and found a incredibly huge Prada bag on my table! Its like the size of my tv!!:nuts: And inside is an incredibly huge box! :nuts::nuts: It was a tiring day at work, but when i saw it, i could feel myself re-energized! My heart was pumping really quickly (although I was kinda disappointed it was not channel or lv, at first).

    Initially I thought it was my husband who bought it but it turn out that its from my sweet little baby brother, who is a man of few words. He's a very nice and smart boy and I really love him and I paid for his college education. But we don't really talk that much, esp after I moved out but i guess blood is thicker than water, and he's very altruistic towards me. He just left the gift with my husband and went back home. The gift card wishes me an smooth pregnancy and delivery, and thanked me for everything and he told me i was a great big sister and my kid is gonna be very lucky to have me as a mother :crybaby:.
    I m so touched! The gift card meant more to me than the gift ever would! I was gonna keep the card forever! But when I saw the gift, I realised the gift meant much much more than the card ever would :yahoo:... just kidding! I m still so breathless! This is like the greatest present in the world (until the kid comes along in sept.. nay.. prob not!) Its just so supple and glam and ... Prada-ish! And its lamb skin! So suhali! I was really hoping to get the Angelina Jolie pregnancy bag aka LV cabas mezzo earlier but this beat it h a n d s d o w n! I love my brother! I don't think I will even use it! This is gonna be my post-natal antidepressant charm!! :wlae: I'm so sorry for my outburst, I can't control myself!









  2. congratulations! wow, i thought you were in school too? your schooling while preggy?
  3. How big is that Prada bag?just curious..I was looking for it but the one Prada had was way too big for me and the smaller version didnt come out yet..LOVE IT!
  4. Post a pic wearing it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm doing my post-grad while working! My husband thinks its quite yucky, like a grandma's bag. :sad:

    ooops, sorry, caps lock!
  7. its the GAUFFE bag...I hope I spelled it right..LOL
  8. where are we finding this bad boy?
    I love it!
  9. I love that bag! Is that beyonce's bag? It looks like it.
  10. The ginormous one is in the Prada store-I am on list for next size down..AKA-wearable everyday size.
  11. I'm having doubts. My husband hates it. My gal-pal-neighbor hates it, she says gold and black is so frumpy. Omg why can't they be as supportive as you gals!?
  12. Post a pic wearing it so we can see its size!~
  13. wow really nice gift..
  14. I thought it was BROWN?? is it black..looks brown in the pics?
  15. I'm a bit self-conscious as my tummy is really huge, so I can't oblige with a picture. Maybe I can get my brother's sister to take a pic, she got one in brown. Its 12 x 18 inches. Huge!

    Its black.