My amniocentesis experience

  1. Hi mothers, just thought that it would be good to share this experience with all of you...:smile:

    I just had an amnio done and it was one of the very difficult decisions we had to make. My triple test result (which is a blood test used to measure a woman's risk of having a baby with spina bifida, Edward's syndrome and Down's syndrome) was not exactly ideal. For my age group, the risk of having a Down baby should be 1:500 but my blood test yielded a 1:100 risk. The amnio procedure carries a 1 in 300 miscarrige risk. My hubby and I were in a great dilemma. My first trimester wasn't exactly a piece of cake as I had to deal with severe bloating and nausea and just as I was expecting better days ahead in the second trimester, we were greeted with such news. I still remember the day before I was scheduled for the test...The only thing i could do was to pray and commit everything, especially the health of my baby to God.

    The day of the amnio finally came. The procedure involved my gynae inserting a long, hollow needle through my abdomen to draw out some amniotic fluid. I was amazed at how painless it was and to begin with, my threshold of pain is almost non-existent...I witnessed the whole procedure with amazement as the straw-coloured fluid was withdrawn with the guide of the ultrasound. My gynae assured me that in all his years of practice, he has never pricked a baby:tup:

    We opted for the express service using a technique (PCR) which would give us the result in 3 days. The days of waiting really drained me but finally, the call from the clinic came. I am thankful for a second normal boy who would be due in Feb 14 2008.:yahoo:
  2. Congratulations on the great results and thanks for sharing! My Down's came back the same as yours from the blood test, but we opted to postpone the amnio. Since I am high risk they always do an amnio in the 37th week and I didn't want the baby to go through two amnios.
  3. Thanks LV mom:smile:
  4. Elyse, thanks for was enlightening:smile:
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I had the chorionic villi sampling test which is performed the same as amnio but earlier (and carries a slighly higher risk of miscarriage). We weren't high risk for Down's (under 30; no family history etc) but I insisted on having it done anyway. I know what you mean about the grueling wait and I also know the relief you experience when the results come back fine... Again congratulations and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
  6. Congratulations!!! Amnio was always one of my biggest fears in my pregnancy, but thankfully I never had to have it done!

    So happy you had a good experience and that your son is healthy!
  7. Congrats I am glad all is well with your little one! [​IMG]

    I wish my amnio experience was a good as yours. :push:
  8. Thanks for posting - congrats on your pregnancy and healthy baby boy! :flowers:
  9. I, too, had a higher risk for having a baby with spina bonifida (1:55) and was offered the amnio test too, but declined. I'm so glad your amnio test went well and that it was not as painful as expected :biggrin:
  10. A friend of mine just went through something similar (her triple-screen came back as high risk for trisomy-18) and her baby also tested negative for the disorder. I agree, the wait was excruciating - and I was only waiting as a friend this time!

    I refused the triple-screen tests when I was pg. They factor in too many variables and there are too many false-positives for my comfort. A woman with the same levels of everything can come back normal at 25 and abnormal at 35 because age is a major factor regardless of actual test levels.

    I am so glad your results were negative and that you had a good amnio experience! I wish you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!
  11. Best wishes for you and your little boy!
  12. Thanks emma...Yes, the wait was truly draining! We had decided we would keep our baby regardless of the result. But we wanted to know so that we would be prepared should this baby be a child with special needs. I have through this experience found a new compassion for Down children.

    Was the chorionic villi sampling painful? :smile:

  13. Thank you! I am so glad too... The test was really costly!

  14. Thanks for sharing! Ya, also want to know how's the CVS? I am glad your turned out well too:yahoo:

  15. Good for you! Your little one is so adorable!:heart: