My Amex has been charged for the Edith twice by NM.....and NO BAG IN HAND!!


The Shopping Queen
Jan 5, 2006
I honestly can't believe it!!! I will never, never, never preorder anything from NM again! They have charged my Amex twice now for an Edith and I will NOT be getting a bag. I have TWO charges and ONE CREDIT!!!!!!!! Supposedly the SA is going to send out receipts today showing that they issued two credits, but AMEX is only showing one credit. I filed a dispute for the 2nd could take 8 weeks to get this sorted out. I'm so ticked!!!


Just 1 more, I swear...
Feb 24, 2006
girlsgottoshop, I totally understand! I ran into sooo many problems w/ my cc trying to order a bag from BalNY and sending it to my work address instead of home address (they only send to whatever address my cc has on file). It's sooo frustrating! Butttttt don't worry about your problem, I had disputed charges before on my amex and they sorta freeze up the charge so you don't even have to worry about paying them up, and they'll notify you as soon as they credit it back to your account.


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Mar 20, 2006
girlsgottoshop said:
Thanks Jill! I just can't believe it! I still can't figure out why they charged me twice to begin with?! It's so frustrating that I have to go through all of this for a damn handbag!!!
It happend to me before also, so what I did was called my cc and I was told to have NM fax them a copy of the refund or a cancellation of the authorization and then all would be fine otherwise I had to wait five days for the charge to fall off. Well you KNOW that NM assured me that this would be done (the Fax to cc) IT WAS NOT....long story short...I will never order from them again! Not to mention that they constantly accept 60 day returns that show wear and tear on them,NM SUCKS!!!!!:mad: