My amazingly unpleasant adventure!

  1. Daughter called and asked if we should go shopping(NM double points) and I said yes. Thought this will be a good time to take gold 37 Bolide out for some air. Dressed then very carefully remove Bolide from her resting state, really hated to distrub her, she was so pretty there. Edited items from other bag to place in Bolide. Now she is ready for her first public appearance. Thankfully did not have to drive so she sat like a percious child on my lap. Enter store and daughter asks why such and odd look. Oh sorry I did not realize I had such , so smiled even more oddly. Actually was Was paranoid someone or something would touch Bolide. Looked at shoes, she did, I watch over you know who. Then horror of horrors the cosmetic department where she had to be watched like a newly born cat,left wothout a scratch then off for a bite to . At restaurant could not put her to the left as that person to close on banquette so put her on the right a bit more room. Of course thanks to TPFers, I ask for extra napkins. Cover her with them and literally have a few bits. The person next to me moves and the napklins fall off. Ask for more napkins, waiter looks at me funny but bring more thus she is covered again. Well that ends anymore eating, just watchining. Not hungry(really I am starving) Thnk I'll take take the rest home to the cats.(sure) After meal we decide to head home. At last , home. Carefully remove items from Bolide, take off strap and return everything as she was given to me. Remove clothes,eat food for cats and finally relax. Does this ever go away? Sorry I still have not figured out how to use computer so everything runs together. My hs English teacher, Sister Madolyn, must be in great dispair now- a great teacher.
  2. ^^ Well, it's your precious Bolide afterall, so it's not surprising that you are moving about so gingerly with her. It would come as a shocker if you treated your Bolide like a give-away bag :lol:.

    Use your Bolide more regularly, and over time, you will truly enjoy her more, without facing the stress of babying her all the time.

    Have fun with your Bolide next time. Forget about the napkins. You're doing what's not natural for you, which probably contributed to your strange feelings.
  3. They are a lot tougher than they look! You're not enjoying your Bolide, so what is the point?
  4. If you baby your Bolide too much, it will take away the joy of owning a H bag.
  5. I am sorry to hear you had such a trying day. It should have been fun -- given you pleasure -- to carry your baby. Like others have said, it's tougher than you think and made to be carried, loved, used. Give it a try.
  6. ITA, it's just a bag.... use it, enjoy it.
  7. Mrs Sparkles and lulilu thanks I know I will adjust. Roxanne I guess I was just being a liitle tongue in cheek.
  8. This usually happens with a new bag so don't'll wear off the more you take her out for a spin! Pretty soon you'll be slinging her all over the place without a care!!! LOL!!!
  9. What an adventure! H bags are wonderfully special & with new ones there always is the tendency to over-pamper. Keep using your bolide & the "newness" will rub off and be replaced with the joy of using it.
  10. Hermes bags are built like a Hummer. Sorry, Rose, I just couldn't resist. :p

    Actually, the first scratch is heartbreaking. After that, it's more like - oh, another one? That's what makes it YOUR bag.
  11. You should use your Bolide more often. I was very careful when I first started using my H bags. After a few times, I am now used to carrying them without so much worry.
  12. Yes, take her out at least once a week. A bag like that should be enjoyed as much as possible.
  13. Agreed. :smile: Have fun and enjoy using your Bolide, creature.
  14. Sister Madolyn would be proud of you. Your story was very funny - I'm sure we all felt as protective using our bags for the first time.

    Keep using your Bolide and you will begin to desensitize yourself from the fear of disaster. Also, every Hermes bag handle & strap is impregnated with a secret chemical formula that insures you will shortly become addicted to buying more bags. (And if you have more than one, you relax a little.)
  15. :p