My Amazing Wisteria has come

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  1. I have just got my amazing Wisteria Honey spy, it is so beautiful. Bought from our very own Fendigal on ebay who is fantastic.

    The leather is bubbly and soooooooooo soft, its brand new never used.

    I am sitting at the computer writing this and just grinning so "Over the Moon" with it have a look at the photos. Excuse the photo of me the mirror I had to get down from the loft otherwise it would have been a photo taken in my bathroom..........

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  2. Wow, that color is amazing. That's a beautiful bag, lady! Thanks for sharing your pix.

    What's the name of Fendigal's eBay store?
  3. :wtf: Oh WOW, Saich! Another out of this world score for the Spy Queen. That is truly the most stunning honey wisteria I've ever seen.

    And look at you! So you cute is your lovely petitness, and wearing your brand spanking, smoking hot new Dior shoes! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!:heart: :heart:
  4. She's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! That colour is TDF!!!
  5. It is lovely! Congrats!
  6. Beautiful! The color is soooo rich, congrats!!!:yahoo:
  7. are SO lucky!!! Another fabulous Spy to add to your gorgeous collection!! I am still waiting for mine to arrive! :heart:

  8. Deco, my dear friend, you noticed the shoes, I put them on so that you could see they go quite well with the Honey spy. LOVe the thought of being a Spy Queen but I think Olga is that her collection is amazing:queen:

  9. That is so sweet HandbagAddict4Ever, I got the spys in celebration and I am very Lucky, thank God...

    I cannot wait to see your lovely spy, please post pictures
  10. So pretty, congrats!
  11. Now you have 2 spy bags I'd be willing to beg, borrow and steal for.:nuts:
  12. very does ur ebay girl always sell authentic? does she have any other spys on ebay? thx
    btw, if you dont mind, how much u bought ur beautiful wisteria? thx
  13. look very nice on you
  14. Congrats on the new addition to your family!!!

    I'm jealous! I think the next Fendi on my list is the denim one. :nuts:
  15. That's a great Spy! Congrats and enjoy!