My amazing trip to LV today (Some S/S 07 Info)


Sep 28, 2006
So today I went into LV with a friend of mine that I was shopping with. As always my SA greeted me by name and immediately asked me about the items I wanted wait listed. I pulled a paper I had printed the picture of the denim wrist let and the trunk & bag's rond on and showed him, he said hold on and went to go get the S/S 07 catalogue. It was amazing. The denim wristlet unfortunately at this time does not look like it will make it into production. However, the cute little rond comes in four colors, white, pink, tan, and green. The green looked cute and I wait listed for it. As far as epi, vernis, and lin; I'm not really a epi or lin person but I glanced at those pages, nothing new, the new epi is white, looks like everything epi now is going to be carried over to that color, the new mini lin color is tanish with a hint of green, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, I'll have to see it irl, right now I'm not loving it. Now the vernis....mmm the vernis! The picture looked to die for. I don't even really love vernis but this color looks hot! My sa said the pictures didn't even give it justice! I saw the heart shaped coin purse, it's a coin purse, not a purse. I'm sorry I didn't pay much attention to it because I wasn't really interested. For the men out there, there are going to be some cool new mens bags that look mainly black with like a big white/blue V on them, I really like them but I didn't really pay attention to the prices listed, I think they came out in march? There was a messenger, a bum bag, a duffleish bag, and some others. I picked up my stores last icons book (my store only got 10!) and looked at my wapity (i'm sooo close to it!) and at the loup (the messenger I'm currently craving) and also at a speedy 40...and to all of you who said men can't carry speedys, that thing is massive! I didn't even tell my friend I was with (who is lv clueless) that it was a purse and I was like isn't this cute and she was like "Yeah, I would totally use that as a duffle bag!" And I was like hehehe! My sa said it might even be too big! I didn't have him take out a 35 tho but he said that might be better, I'm not sure, all of that is far down the road but I like to look! Overall I had an amazing lv filled day and got some more xmas shopping done and today really made me think how greatful I am to have such a wonderful SA, LV wouldn't be as enjoyable if it weren't for him, truely!
Thanks for listening everyone, sorry that this was wayyyy long!

Also, not that you guys will be as excited as me...
but i got to open a present from one of my friends and I got the Alias seasons 1 - 5 in the rambaldi box set...I couldn't even believe it, I know it was like $200 at least! I'm so excited, Alias is my favorite show ever, I can't wait to start watching all the episodes I've already seen 5 times already, I also got The Devil Wears Prada which I just finished I'm not sure who I've told but my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday but you know what? I don't care! I spent the money I was gonna spend on his xmas present on myself and had a wonderful, wonderful day, and I hope you all did as well!
Aug 14, 2006
Thx for the update!! Cannot wait to see the heart shaped coin purse, and the new hot color!!!
Edit: Sorry I didn't say more, as I was eating a really late night snack, I wanted to say, thank you for the update, sounded like a really fun day. And so exciting you got to see the Epi, and you got to try the Speedy 40!! And happy you enjoyed your x'mas present, sounds like a really nice friend, and I know I don't know you, but sorry about your relationship. And enjoy spending the money on yourself, and the dear ones who mean the most to you. Happy Holidays! I'm so looking forward to seeing pics.


Sep 28, 2006
Oh! I forgot so much! LOL
I wanted to say also, the embroidered looking bags (doylie looking ones) are coming in like 100 styles! seriously, there was a whole page devoted to them, a cles, etc. I assume it's gonna be le because it's screen printed...I didn't like the idea of that but if it's cute irl I might have to get a cles :smile: Also I heard that the ipod case (video ipod) is going to be made in damier, can't wait! :yes:


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Sounds like you had a great time tonight!! Thanks for the letting us know about the S/S 2007 new stuff. I can't wait for the white epi! :yes:

And I loveeee Alias! :love: I only have the first 2 seasons on dvd but I want more. That rambaldi gift set sounds hot! :nuts:


Dec 14, 2006
Hoaaa i'm gettin' jelaous now:P My S.A. just gave me the runaway show pics! They even didn't know about the detailed product and price yet, Last monday they showed me the DIAPER BAG:crybaby: mini lin new colour line, hahaha. I'm only 20 and they expect me mom to be already:roflmfao: lol.
Today,I'm there and put my name for LVOE tote, and she even wrote it as LVOA:sweatdrop: Hahaha not mad at her, it just a lil' bit frustrating lol! I just don't want to repeat the same mistake that i made because non-awareness in mirroir line:shame: .

Hoaaa I :love: lvoe ALIAS series, one of the best tv-series ever! Congratzzz, the rimbaldi bo sounds yummy:yahoo: miss Michael Vartan so badly now!!!

I'm sorry to hear about your relationship matter:sad: Hope you'll gettin' stronger en stronger!

Happy Holiday


Sep 26, 2006
WOW, thanks for the great info!
Sounds like you had a fun time.
You have a great attitude about your breakup. I think I remember it was your first bf, right? If so, even better attitude. It was a learning experience.... surround yourself with friends and family and have wonderful holidays!
:heart: will find it's way to you again before you know it bc you have a great spirit! :flowers:


Mar 2, 2006

I have to look at my stores look book for the things I like. I saw the shoes and put my name down on 4 of them but my store has only 1 of the 4 and I might get it soon. Any ways how hot, a damier video ipod holder! i might buy it because my mc one cute the screen off since its made for the regular ipod and i didnt like the monogram one!