My Amazing DH found me a ....

  1. WHITE ALI!!!!

    I am crying I am so happy, lol.

    He tracked one down out an outlet for me and we're driving 3.5 hours tomorrow to go get her!

    I am so happy!

    We've been through some financial things the past month and I wasn't sure I was getting anything for Christmas but DH got a second job doing web work and has been bringing in an additional 1500 a month, so we can do a little Christmas shopping for each other :smile:

    Feel free to post your white ali pictures for me to drool over! :smile:
  2. yay! :yahoo: What a guy!!!! :tup: I also drove 4 hours (round trip!) TWICE lol to get my legacy outlet stuff :p

  3. We drove two hours yesterday each way to look at another outlet and they had the Mandy in black and brown but no alis :sad:

    So now this is a 6 hour round trip.. I feel crazy (in a good way, LOL)
  4. That is so great ! Your DH sounds like a great guy and I am sure you deserve it ! Enjoy !
  5. that is so sweet, YAY I love the Ali
  6. Congrats!!!! The white Ali is a GORGEOUS bag.. you will love it soooo much!!! Post some pics when you get her!

    just take a look at her :heart: :love:
  7. CONGRATS, gorgeous bag and how sweet of your DH!
  8. Congrats on your new white Ali! You will probably appreciate this bag for years because of the extra thought and effort required to get it and because it was unexpected (and because it's an awesome bag!). I'm very happy for you! Enjoy it!!!!
  9. What a sweetheart. I'm so happy you got something you wanted, and I know how hard it can be to have financial strain - just keep looking forward and you will make it through!
  10. Thank you guys all so much!

    I am so excited!! I really thought because it's a 7 hour round trip, DH was **not** going to take me to get it even though they had it there, especially on a Monday, but he said "no big deal" :smile:

    I was so bummed yesterday after driving so far and not seeing anything I liked :sad:. They did have the black and brown mandy's, but I just kept thinking about Ali :crybaby:so I walked away empty handed.

    They didn't even have any cute keyfobs or charms or any little accessories. :sad:

    But now I am SO happy! *yay*
  11. That is adorable! Most guys don't understand the love for Coach. So it's awesome to see a guy go through such trouble to find a bag and to go such a long distance to purchase it. What a great DH! Congratulations.
  12. oh wow.. you have done a lot to get one... I know you will love it!!! You do have it on hold, right? :p
  13. White legacy leather is amazing!!! Enjoy your new Ali!!
  14. Yea! I know you really wanted an Ali. I am SO happy you found one and that your DH hand such a nice hand in it! :yes:
  15. Yes! It is on hold and I've called once already to make sure it was in fact on hold after seeing some people's things on here got put back :wtf:

    Part of me is wondering if I should just eBay one since the final cost will be about the same :shame: but I'm in the mood for a road trip :heart: