My Amazing Coach Birthday! Come in and see!

  1. Okay so I tracked that FedEx package all day today waiting for it to get to the boutique and of course today of all days the FedEx guy was late delivering-- didn't get there till three o'clock which is unusual.

    I stopped by at noon to check my schedule and couldn't resist picking up a pair of the Lyndsey sandals in gunmetal. I wore them out-- they are adorable! The price was just too good to resist, I love it when our shoes go on sale!

    So around 3:00 my phone rings and it's my assistant manager. She's like "Hey girl. Okay, so FedEx is here. But JAX shipped the wrong bag! We called them, and they said they're out of Signature Stripe totes in crimson. I'm really sorry."

    I FREAKED. I was like "OMFG NO NO!" And she cracked up and was like "I'm messing with you. It's here, come and get it!" So as soon as I got off work I hauled ass over to the boutique and there it was... was so sweet! It was all wrapped in tissue and sealed in a gift box with a big silver ribbon and my manager, the assistant manager and one of the girls that was working all sang happy birthday to me and gave it to me and had me open it right there.

    :girlsigh: I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! And it's Razorback Red like my Arkansas Razorbacks! I'm in love....

    :yahoo: :party::nuts: :tender:

    Excuse the cruddy old sorority shirt and pajama pants in the modeling pic.... I'm lazy tonight! Soon I'm gonna get everything in a group and take pics of my entire collection to post, but in the meantime I'm gonna go back to hugging this bag while my DH laughs at me... :girlsigh:

    set1.jpg bag1.jpg creedpic2.jpg insidebag.jpg lyndsey.jpg
  2. You, baaad!!! Love the tote!! How much were the sandals???? I need those...

    Happy Bday to you, sweets!!
  3. They were only like 58 bucks! SO worth it. :girlsigh: :tender: :girlsigh:

    THANK YOU! *girly squeal!*
  4. sarah
    your'e too cute in that picture!!!!
    love your new tote...and adorable sandals!!!!
  5. o my god its so beautiful! :smile: i love the red color i love my pink too but if i had a 2nd one it would be that color haha :smile:

    HAPPY BDAY GIRLY! :smile:
  6. :yes:Very nice! Is today your birthday? Happy Birthday to you!

  7. :wtf:

  8. Congratulations! It's very pretty! I like the red! It's a good all season color!
  9. Congrats & Happy Birthday!!! Crimson is such a gorgeous color :love: And LOL about the sorority shirts - I seriously have like 30 of them laying around my apt (and even more at home) that I use to just lounge around in :lol:
  10. Heehee! This one is the first one I ever got, Bid Day 2001, and it's a Charlie's Angels shirt. Hehe. I love it!

    And thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes, you guys are awesome! :yahoo:
  11. Gorgeous bag! Happy birthday
  12. I just love the way it SMELLS....

    My fiancee wants to know what I'm on that I'm sniffing my bag.... :nuts: And it's so big! I gotta get used to it--! My normal size bag is a demi size...

    It was funny too at the store the assistant manager that got me hired was like "Here, take a new catalog! Take two! How about some perfume samples, do you have any? Make sure the dustbag is in there or we'll find one for you!" I love being treated like a customer when I'm an SA, epsecially today, made me feel so special! OK. I'm gonna shut up now, I could go on and on, hehe.
  13. Great purchases!

    Happy birthday, razorbackbelle! [​IMG]
  14. ooooo aahhhhh its sooo pretty on you!!! congrats!! when i read that part about them shipping the wrong back i was like oh hell no *picking up the phone to curse customer service out*

    happy birthday!!
  15. Thank you!!!!

    To make the day even better, my DH got up waaaaaay early before I did today and went to the store and surprised me with a big fancy plate that he put together of all of my favorite fresh fruit and angel food cake, breakfast in bed! :tender: that was his birthday present to me. So much better than anything money could buy!

    ...but the bag is sure a close second.... :yahoo: