My Amanda accessories outlet finds!!

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  1. Look what I picked up today!

    Black Amanda satin large wristlet $24
    Black Amanda large cosmetic case $12

    I also got a cute flower keychain $8

    The Amanda mini skinny weren't on clearance though. They would have been $24 or so with the coupon so I passed on them.

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  2. I love the wristlet
  3. $12 for the cosmetic case! GAH - I have been looking for these lovelies at my outlet w/o any luck

    congrats on the great finds!
  4. OMG! I would like to have them! Which outlet did you go?
  5. wow, you found some great deals on the Amanda accessories--I am obsessed with that line :smile: Gorgeous pieces--the black satan is lovely. cute flower too--what a steal!
  6. super great stuff and amazing prices! wtg!
  7. :tup:
  8. score!! congrats, I love the Amanda line :tup:
  9. Oh man, I've always wanted one of those cosmetics cases but I thought they were long gone from the outlets by now. Great score!
  10. I've picked up a light grey and baby blue amanda mini skinnys at the outlets for usd29. If i find one now with the 20% off i gotta return them!

    Great find on the wristlet and pouch!
  11. cute finds.. last week i found the pink/orange amanda foldover at lancaster for 39.99. i havent seen a foldover at the outlets since last winter so i was stoked. im a sucker for the amanda stuff. congrats