My Alti Botty 140mm Suede Booties are here!

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  1. I received my Alti Botty 140mm Suede booties from theoutnet within 2 days of ordering. I must say, theoutnet has excellent service when handling the order, shipping extremely fast and sending my booties in perfect condition. I don't even think these have ever been tried on. The only thing is, I'm glad I didn't follow the recommendations of the website in ordering these TTS. My CL size is 37, so just to be safe, I ordered a 37 1/2 because they are boots and if too big, I could always add an insole or wear thin socks. I tried on the 37 1/2 that I received and the length fits perfectly. I can wiggle my toes, they don't feel smooshed, but the booties do feel a bit snug around the width of my foot. Had I gone with their suggestion of ordering them TTS, my feet would probably have not even gone in the booty. For me, I definitely needed the 1/2 size up. I could have even ordered a full size up.

    Do they feel a little snug because they are new and need breaking in? Do you think they will stretch a little? If they do, I think they will conform very nicely to my foot. If not, I think I will feel very uncomfortable wearing these for more than an hour.

    For owners of these booties, did you order TTS or did you go up 1/2 or a full size? Did they stretch a little for you?


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  2. ooohhh lala, those are pretty!
  3. I do not own them, but suspect they will stretch nicely. They look incredible on you! Congrats!
  4. I love them! Congrats!
  5. Ohh wow! they are so pretty! I love how they look on you... love love love!
  6. Congrats! they look great!
  7. Gorgeous! I have sized up in most of my CL boots and booties compared to shoes. Good move on your part ;)
  8. Thanks everyone! :flowers:
    I really do love them... just wondering if I should have gone up a full size.
  9. gorgeous! congrats on your score :smile:
  10. They are so lovely (I love boots). I went (CL) TTS on my suede Belle booties, but after 1 wearing, they are stretching. I should have gone down ½ size to my usual US size. They would have been perfect with no padding that way. I think that yours are going to stretch and fit perfectly as soon as you wear them a bit.
  11. They are so hot! Congratulations!
  12. That's what I'm hoping... that they will just conform to my feet after I wear them out. It's so hard when you can't try them in person, you end up always thinking maybe the other size would have fit better. But if I had gone up a full size then I would worry about them stretching too much. As long as suede stretches a bit, I think I'm good.

    Thanks again everyone!
  13. I love them! Congrats!
  14. nice
  15. :yahoo: congrats! They look smashing on you! I think suede stretches the most, so they will be just fine!