My Almond Venetia came *pics*

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  1. This is my first venetia. I was a bit worried at first because I thought it would be too heavy, but i really love it. The venetia is my second almond bag. I looooove that color. I also included a pic of my puppy, Bugsy. He wanted to say hi!
    busy2.jpg happymarcfamily.jpg
  2. I love the venetia's. Congrats on your purchase. You have a nice collection and your puppy is so cute!
  3. Congratulations. Cute puppy.
  4. awww, HI PUPPY!! LOL, so adorable! thanks for sharing that pic, i lovvve dogs.
    i like your marc collection that you have! an advid marc fan you are. i admire all of them and glad you're not finding them heavy. well, i think the weight is some mighty thing to take builds muscles!
  5. I am sooo drooling over your collection! I love the Sage Sophia, the color is amazing. Your new Venetia fits perfectly with your family. Congrats!!
  6. beautiful collection; im jealous! and after seeing your blakes, its making me really want almond!

    also, your puppy is the cutest. :biggrin:
  7. It looks like it's fitting in nicely. Also, cute puppy! Is he a boxer?
  8. Lovely congrats!!!!! Very nice collection too.....they're beauties!!!
  9. Nice collection! I have a stone pocket satchel too and I love it.

    PS. Your puppy is adorable!
  10. Congrats!! I posted on the "Name your MJ bags" thread too that I LOVE your collection. I agree with thithi that the Sage color is gorgeous!
  11. The Almond Venetia is so pretty! Congrats on your new purchase, and your collection looks gorgeous!

  12. Thanks! Bugsy is 3/4 boston 1/4 pug. Most people think he's a boxer or a french/english bulldog.
  13. Thanks for the compliments ladies! I love my bags so much. I never looked at my collection all together before :smile:
  14. You have a very very nice collection. The colors are amazing!! Congratulations!

    Question: what colors do you wear with your almond bags? I find that color a litle difficult to match.
  15. Nice bags, congrats and what a sweet puppy :smile: