my Alma PM is on route to me! But I'm very frustrated and ****ed!


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Aug 13, 2011
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So if you all remember my thread almost 2 weeks ago, I tried to order an Alma PM in bleu infini. I called the Bloomies LV and they said they would call me the next day and do the order to have it transferred to their LV for to see it before they bought it. Meanwhile, in case they didn't get in the Bleu Infini I toyed around with the idea of the amarante. Unsettled that I didn't hear from them for over a week, I called repeatedly, and was either given a round about answer or deferred to the next day. I was getting very frustrated since there were only 12 left in the US and I didn't want to miss out now that I finally made a decision. I went to the store and they said they never ordered it! And that they wrote down the wrong size so they never bothered to try. They said they tried to call me but I never got any missed call or voicemail. So now they're like yahh we'll just call you tomorrow and search for one, we'll call you by 10am tomorow. its 2pm today, still haven't called me. I get ahold of someone after being put on hold and finally they order it for me, but they don't even check their own stock, they only check LV freestanding stores... the whole point of me going through Bloomies LV is to A. use one of my gift cards and b. if i ship it to my NJ house instead of my NY they won't charge me tax, and he wouldn't check the bloomies stock and was like, you have to pay tax no matter what so youre wrong.... and I didn't know what to say and said point blankly, I've bought items from your store and shipped them to my house for years (including the speedy I ordered a couple of months ago!, and its policy where they can't charge me tax because there is no bloomingdales with louis vuitton in NJ. So now I just spent a couple hundred then I needed to, and needless today after my angry phone call, I doubt I'll ever get a VIP gift now :sad: thanks for listening. I am still excited for the reveal when it comes in but the way this all occurred kind of makes me less excited. After all this if they were gonna just grab it from another LV I would have just ordered it from an LV store that I pass repeatedly! >_____<


Jan 11, 2008
urgh! that's so annoying.

But don't let it take away the enjoyment of getting your new bag. Please post pics when you get it!!


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Apr 17, 2010
Aww I'm sorry :hugs: LV employees can be awful to deal with. But look on the bright side, you have a gorgeous bag coming your way!


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Aug 1, 2011
Just tell yourself their either very stressed from the holiday rush or unhappy with their lives. Yeah, some of their employees are giving the whole company a bad rap:sad: there are some nice one's-I go in and only talk to the one's who are genuine/friendly anymore. It does take some of the happiness out of the experience so I know what you mean. You'll feel much better once you get your alma&#57431; Do a reveal so we can all be happy for you! That will help too.


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Jan 6, 2010
Pasadena CA's such a pity that boutiques full of such beautiful merchandise have to come with such rude employees attached. It makes me both tired and irritable.
But at least you're getting your gorgeous new Alma! Yay! Enjoy it, and please post pics when it arrives! :smile: