My Alma is on it's way (thanks to John & the Fab Authenticate Board!!)

  1. I was going to wait until it arrived and photo it, but I can't!!!:yahoo: I had to let someone know I just got a super deal on an Alma and I can't wait to get it!!! I couldn't have done it without the help of John....everyone at the Authenticate.... is just supremely wonderful!!!
    Will post pics when I get it!!!!:heart:
  2. congrats on getting an alma!!~ post pics when you get it. ^_^
  3. congrats, I love alma.
  4. congrats!!! alma is so classy!!!
  5. Congrats!!!:tup:
  6. congrats on the alma. the alma has become my fave LV piece.
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Congrats, what line did you get? I absolutely love the Alma, it's so timeless and classy.
  9. Congrats! I'm glad you won the Alma! I can't wait to see pics!

    You're welcome btw! It's always a pleasure authenticating items for you. ;)
  10. Alma is a great choice. I think the authenticate thread posters do a great job too!:tup:
  11. Congratulations! I just got my first Alma two days ago and love everything about it. :heart:
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Congrats on your Alma - it's a classic!
  14. Congrats! Can't wait to see it!
  15. congrats on your new bag ... I love the alma, which one did you get ? monogram canvas?