my Alma had a bad first day out

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  1. Vernis is patent leather, isn't it? Not 'plastic' - but I have seen similar looking (from a distance) off-brand bags that were plastic, and maybe these people don't know LV well enough to know the difference. It's a gorgeous bag, I hope you can forget those comments and enjoy it.
  2. I don't knows why some people feel the need, or thatthey have the right to be mean to others. It's horrible, and I feel so bad that they ruined your excitement.

    My fellow dance class moms have done similar things to me, and while I try not to let it bother me, it does.

    I know that people who are insecure and jealous somehow get off on making other people feel bad, so I try to keep that in mind..

    But really...amarante alma is only, likr, one of the most gorgeous bags EVER!!!!! Wear it with pride, and remember that for every one person who insults you, I'm betting that a thousand looked at you and thought, "wow, wht an amazing bag!!!!" :smile:
  3. It really doesn't matter what those rude (and dumb) ladies think or say. Please don't let people like that ruin it for you! Alma is gorgeous, you know its value, and you should enjoy it to the fullest!
  4. such drama's pathetic. don't let that bother you. jealously is a bish!
  5. This is so true!

    Just ignore them.
  6. It's just pure jealousy because if they really "dislike" what you have, all they have to do is keep it moving. I'm sure your Alma was more pretty then their faces?
  7. Dont let this bother you. I love the alma pm in amarante (as do many of us here), and if you wear your bag out often enough the compliments you will be receiving on this gorgeous piece will far outweigh these pesky jealous comments.

    Enjoy your bag hun!
  8. I am so sorry you had go though that, besides being rude to you, they don't know what your bag is made of, it isn't plastic it is patent leather. So maybe people should stop being so jealous of people when they have something nice. I would never say anything mean to anyone. I guess they never heard of " If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." Enjoy your bag, it is beautiful! :smile:
  9. Do what you love, and love what you do... If that's wearing an Alma then do it...with a HUGE smile on ur face like I would, if it was on my arm :biggrin:
  10. I would've joined their conversation and said, "I know what you mean, those fake plastic looking bags are just horrible! That's why I decided on this bag, it's made of PATENT LEATHER. IT'S A NEW BAG FROM LOUIS VUITTON!" and then walk away LOL
  11. You happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Its a gorgeous bag! Enjoy the bag and remember people will always be jealous of you no matter what you do or say!
  12. I am so sorry to hear such ugly remarks....if we allow negative comments to stear our lives.."they" win..wear your bag with is gorgeous